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The Not-So-Famous Five Destinations

Bored with the sophisticated and classy travel destinations? Take a quick note of these upcoming five ‘happening’ spots, where partying is the core, while enjoying other luxe activities as well…
Bored with the sophisticated and classy travel destinations? Take a quick note of these upcoming five ‘happening’ spots, where partying is the core, while enjoying other luxe activities as well…
Ibiza, an island in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Spain, is the undisputed party capital of the world. Known for its nightlife, its summer club party season from June to October attracts young tourists from the world over. The live music event ‘Ibiza Rocks’ at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel defines the partyscape with bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Prodigy and Kaiser Chiefs playing there. BBC Radio 1 has an Ibiza Weekend broadcast from this venue which showcases not just the island’s partying scene but also its cultural diversity.
The more sedate globe-trotters can visit the island for its natural beauty in the form of gorgeous hidden beaches and pretty rolling countryside along with the peaceful relaxation offered by yoga retreats. Large portions of Ibiza have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites and its rustic old town with cobblestoned streets, 16th century homes, ancient cathedral and crumbling Moorish castle attract many artists and photographers as well. It’s becoming a good shopping destination too with boutiques showcasing indigenous natural fabrics and talented designers. Foodwise, you will find gourmet delicatessens offering charcuterie and island cheeses offering the inimitable island experience.
Another Spanish holiday hotspot, Barcelona is one of the world’s leading economic and cultural cities and has been voted the best holiday destination in the world as it offers something for everyone! The city’s architectural diversity is what sets it apart from other holiday destinations. From the Art Nouveau style of the old Gothic quarter to a modern skyline dotted with skyscrapers in the commercial centre, Barcelona has it all. Antoni Gaudi’s work can be seen throughout the city and his unfinished magnum opus, the church La Sagrada Familia, which has been under construction since 1882, is expected to be completed around 2025!

The city has many avenues for music and theatre and also has a thriving alternative music scene. La Rambla square is the place to be in the evenings with live acts being performed all around and outdoor cafes, restaurants and bars to enjoy the lively buzz of the city.
The National geographic lists Barcelona as the best beach city in the world with the Barceloneta providing the world’s best urban beach experience. And letting you get the best of both worlds, the ski resorts of the Pyrenees are also easily accessible being just 125 km away. The city itself also has a number of sporting venues since it hosted the 1992 Summer Olympics as well as the largest stadium in Europe, Camp Nou which is the home of FC Barcelona.
Macau, once a sleepy little colonial backwater in south-eastern China, is the world’s hottest upcoming destination for the high-rollers. Known as The Vegas of the East, it is a tax haven which is fast becoming the world’s new gambling capital with this enticing vice being the primary driver of the economy along with tourism. This Sin City is the latest spot for the ultimate luxury experience as it pulls out all the stops to get you to spend your money in its massive casino-hotels.

Macau has a mix of Chinese and Portuguese culture reflected through its unique local cuisine, architecture and vibrant lifestyle The Historic Centre of Macau which includes around 25 monuments and public squares, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site offering a peek into the past. However, today it is a glitzy modern cosmopolitan fantasyland where shoppers too can easily forget that they are losing their moolah to a developing economy!
The region, known as the Mayan Riviera, has its centre at Cancun, a breathtaking coastal paradise located on the Mexican Caribbean coast. Cancun has beautifully located modern beachfront hotels with all the luxury amenities a tourist could want, all with a mesmerising view of the myriad shades of the world’s second largest coral reef.
Since these waters are among the finest in the world for underwater exploration, English sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor has created a monumental art museum in the National Marine Park consisting of more than 400 life-sized artifical reef sculptures. The works, located in clear shallow waters, are easily visible to divers, snorkelers and holiday-makers in glass-bottomed boats. If you are interested in something more adventurous, you can get your thrills through jet-ski jungle tours and boat excursions on the lagoon on the opposite side of the island. 
Cancun also offers something to the history-buffs in the form of a number of ancient archaeological ruins and Mayan grottos nearby. However, for most people, the real pull of Cancun lies in its fabulous nightlife. A rage for every age, Cancun is indeed a city where you can party the night away!
Colombo, situated on the western coast of the tropical island of Sri Lanka, is a vibrant multi-cultural city with beautiful architecture and entertainment options. It epitomises the warm and generous hospitality of this unique island and serves as a magnet for tourists looking for a pampered and lazy holiday under the sun.
The main city, being the commercial capital of the country, houses not only corporate offices but also numerous restaurants, cafes, bars, chic boutiques and sporting venues. At the centre of the city is the Beira Lake which hosts regattas and theatrical events. The Galle Face Green, the largest and most elegant promenade, is a mile-long tree-lined stretch in the heart of the city which is a beehive of activity. It also serves as a venue for numerous concerts and performances by both local and international acts. Adjacent to it is the colonial styled Galle Face Hotel known as Asia’s Emerald on the Green since 1864 which has hosted celebrities and royalty alike. 
The city has a well-preserved Fort area with beautiful colonial Portuguese, Dutch and British architecture contrasting with modern skyscrapers. Colombo is a fascinating mix of the old and the new with its rich colonial past co-existing happily with indigenous festivals and a modern lifetyle.
Luxe, fun and sensational, these five destinations have to be in your travel radar for the next five vacation trips!