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The Spa at Fairmont Grand Del Mar – A Fluid Transformation

Located inside the beauteous AAA Five Diamond Fairmont Grand Del Mar, the hotel spa ensures that you are not only physically restored, but had an overall rich experience that will never leave your memory

LF Says: ★★★★.5/5

Pregnancy is no joke. It’s not as difficult as I had imagined, but not as simple as well as some fashionable ladies make it out to be. Don’t Beyonce and Rosie-Huntington Whiteley look ravishing with that baby bump? With their bodies toned, eyes bright and each hair in place, you envy hem. Of course you do. 

As effortless as these ladies make it seem, trust me, it’s not as designer all the time. And at that time, a spa becomes your savior. At least that’s what I thought after my first prenatal spa treatment ever. And it was at Fairmont Grand Del Mar, San Diego, that I found my relief. 

Whirlpool tub at Fairmont Grand Del Mar Spa

So it begins
Winding up through the expansive, green environs of the Fairmont hotel, there was a pervading sense of peace. It had just rained. So when I slid down my car window, I could smell the wet earth and hear the birds chirp blissfully, which was therapeutical in its own way. 

The hotel itself, as the name suggests, is grand. A big centerpiece in the lobby, profuse with big roses, greeted us. Grecian columns, carved tables and sofas, classical paintings, cozy book corners with textured, backlit walls – these were just some features of the hotel. And when you move outside to their courtyards, you’ll notice stone stairways, English gardens, gracefully ageing walls. In short, a magical palace, long way off from crude civilization.

Walking down a rich, upholstered staircase, you’ll reach the expansive spa of the hotel. As majestic as the resort, the spa is bathed in muted colors, wooden accents, and elegant, framed Hermes scarves hanging on the walls. The staff is extremely courteous, and guides you through the process at your pace, as you start to calm down instinctively. They were ever-smiling. Many of them stopped me on the way to politely congratulate and enquire how I was feeling! And I would proudly gush and tell them all about my baby. 

Treatment room at Fairmont Grand Del Mar Spa

After I had changed and secured my belongings in the high-tech lockers placed in the changing room, my therapist, Deja, led me to one of the 11 treatment rooms at the spa. Before starting with the ‘Beginnings’ prenatal massage, which I had selected beforehand, she put a glass of infused water in my hand and explained various steps of the treatment. She answered all the questions and concerns I had, pointing out that due to pregnancy, she will not emphasize on my neck and ankle pressure points, as those are sensitive. 

And just before moving out, to give me some privacy to station myself on the treatment bed, she noticed the extra large slippers I was wearing. With a motherly “tsk tsk”, she told me she’ll replace them with smaller sized ones. I was glad for the offer since I was mortally scared I’d fall if I had to walk in them!

A God-sent fairy
After she left, I made use of the extra pillow, put it between my legs and lied down on my left side. The healing began with a hot towel press that served to open the pores on the right side of my back and legs. After which she started massaging me slowly and surely with Laminaria oil with Vitamin E in it. It had a piquant fragrance, which envelops you and relaxes each fiber of your being. I had planned on conversing with Deja about good sightseeing areas in San Diego during the massage, but as effective as she was, I pretty much slept off, and decided to defer the talk to later. 

Relaxation lounge at Fairmont Grand Del Mar Spa

Deja was gentle, yet stern where required. She would rub and ease out all the stubborn knots she felt in my shoulder. Once done with the right side, I turned over as Deja repeated the process on my left side. Apart from Deja’s deft strokes, the heated bed wallowed me in contentment. So much so, I didn’t want to get up from the bed after the treatment was done!

But well, after taking my time in getting up and leaving the room, Deja led me to a mini tea station where you could sip on herbal teas or citrus infused water and munch on granola bars. The relaxation room was again simple yet cozy, with multiple seating arrangements, a fireplace and magazines to enjoy for an indefinite amount of time. 

They also have a Eucalyptus steam and sandalwood sauna to make use of. A hot whirlpool tub, specially for women, is available to sit in and simply unwind or chat with your girlfriends. Outside areas, furnished with greenery and Romanesque fountains, are available to ease in. An outdoor pool gives additional incentive to keep roaming around in this spa. Fully facilitated shower rooms with all grooming products will complete the circle.

Outdoor relaxation area at Fairmont Grand Del Mar Spa

Indeed, many spa lovers spend their entire day here, rejuvenating themselves. This time I realized that it’s not just inside the spa, but the overall property, that serves harmony. If not for the expansive gardens, flora and awe-inspiring architecture throughout the hotel, the experience would not have been so blissful. It’s a far cry from a city spa. 

And I, by the way, departed with a spring in my step and a regenerated back. 

LF Says: ★★★★.5/5

Coordinates: 5300 Grand Del Mar Court, San Diego, CA, USA