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Three Graces – In Good Graces

Three Graces Spa from the House of Amatrra will make you look and feel good. Their advanced treatments, mixed with traditional therapies, help you maintain a good balance of body, beauty and lifestyle

How do you define luxury in a spa? Is it by how expensive the treatments are or how they ‘treat’ you at the spa? Our pick is the second option. After all, you go to a spa to relax…not to get your nerves all the more tangled up.

The House of Amatrra Spa has been pampering guests for quite long now with its brands Amatrra Spa and A+ Medi Spa. A more recent offering from the brand is Three Graces. Not priced the same as Amatrra, but with definitely the same quality and service.

According to the Greek mythology, the Three Graces were the three goddesses of joy, charm and beauty. These daughters of god Zeus presided over banquets, dances and all other memorable social events, and brought joy and goodwill to both gods and mortals. Three Graces Spa has interpreted this legend in its own way and attempts to present its own ‘three graces’ to you: Body, Beauty and Lifestyle.

For ‘Body’, Three Graces has a state-of-the-art fitness centre with efficient trainers who chart out a routine for you. It has some latest technologies like the Altitude Training System and the Vibrogym. Three Graces also offers a comprehensive weight-management programme.

To exemplify ‘Beauty’, Three Graces offers luxurious treatments for every part of your body, whether it’s your hair or nails! Some of the unique services offered include state of the art skin analyzer, India’s first Capillaroscope – hair analysis system, international beauty products like Germaine De Capuccini, manicure rituals and technologies like Thermage and Fraxel.

‘Lifestyle’ solutions have been assimilated from across the globe, and are a blend of Ayurveda and modern technology. The spa uses ancient Ayurvedic techniques to offer relief from chronic ailments like migraine, spondylitis and back pain. Aromatherapy, on the other hand, helps holistic well-being and relaxation. Foot spa, juice bar, roof-top café and plush appointed wet areas define more luxury at the spa.

Do try the Three Graces Back Facial. It is a relaxing back and shoulder treatment that includes a thorough deep pore cleansing, steam, exfoliation along with extraction if required followed by a customised toning and moisturising treatment mask. The 60 minute massage will leave you thoroughly relaxed. The Three Graces Optimum Bright is a powerful whitening and brightening treatment where plant extracts and vitamins reduce tanned skin, dark spots and pigmentation to give a bright, radiant and healthy skin

The whole Three Graces Spa menu is filled with advanced and holistic treatments to treat any kind of skin or lifestyle problem you might be facing. So do make it a point to visit Three Graces for all your body, beauty and lifestyle problems.

Coordinates: B-8, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi – 110027
Ph: +91 11 4316 5757
Plot No A, Basant Lok Community Centre, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi – 110057
Ph: +91 11 4607 5757