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Tilt All Day – Tilting to a New Side

Tilt All Day, a new restaurant and bar, fills our quota for uniqueness. Unusual in its approach with entertainment in every element makes for at least a weekend visit when in Mumbai

Tilt All Day, a new restaurant and bar, fills our quota for ‘uniqueness’. Unusual in its approach with entertainment in every element makes for at least a weekend visit when in Mumbai.

Tilt All Day, a modern, dynamic and unique all day food and beverage option is creating just the right amount of interest with its unusual concept. The name itself is creating a buzz. If you are wondering whether the place actually, physically, tilts, stop right there, because its ’tilt’ is a more dignified one. Explaining the concept behind the name, the team explained that the space showcases a gradual transformation from the day to evening and finally night. The restaurant gets a makeover with a wonderful transformation into a high energy bar attracting the 25 – 40 years party goers. The name conceals the madness and the passion that this new addition to Lower Parel’s entertainment map offers. This fun, vibrant all day space is perfect for a business lunch or casual meeting in the daytime. But as the hours progress, the magic begins, and as the sun sets, the tilt begins! A space that transforms every time you visit, that’s what Tilt All Day is about.

The tilt happens at different times depending on the energy levels of the occupants. The entire space has been rigged with strobe lights, especially where you least expected them to be. “The idea was to create an immersive, sound responsive light system that revolves around suiting the mood of the guest. Everything is as high energy or as laid back as you want it to be. The blue accents in the space give it plushness while numerous chandeliers add a soft glow. The colours at Tilt are a meticulously chosen combination of black, white and blue with a few accents in teak wood,” says Siddharth Bhatia, co-founder, Pallatine Hospitality.
A different kind of tilt
Located in the heart of Kamala Mills, this 4,000 sq feet space can be a tough one to locate, especially at night, so watch out for the signs and turn left as soon as you enter Oasis complex. Once inside, take a moment to appreciate their interiors that represent a retro warehouse, transformed into a chic and urban restaurant. Definitely better to visit at night, many will love the strategically installed strobe lights which aid in a complete transformation of the atmosphere, adding a sudden flow of adrenaline to the milieu.

The concept of ‘fun of sharing’ is highlighted through the ‘innovative cocktail sharing concepts’, so ensure that you don’t miss their ‘treasure chest’ which is a literal wooden chest housing your selected cocktail mix! Great cocktails fused with their high energy atmosphere is what will attract many, as it did me. Their apple and hazelnut martini is brilliant for the very fact that the hazelnut flavour just explodes on your palate with Jim Beam, fresh apple chunks, apple juice, hazelnut syrup and lime wedges. Slightly sweeter, this is a ladies drink out and out! The Berry Berry Margarita with tequila, cranberry liqueur, blueberry, raspberry, lime juice and sugar syrup is a refreshing treat with all the berries literally dancing in your mouth. 

Aiming at leaving your senses ’tilted’, the drinks are quite strong, but the modern European food makes up for it. Watch out for hygiene issues though, because we found a hair in our salad, but the guard dog at the VIP section gave us the apologetic look, so we may just visit the place again.

Happy senses are everything
The food at Tilt All Day will please anyone who walks into the door, so it is not too tough to find something you will want to eat. Their staff is well trained to guide you through the essential ‘selection process’ so hear what they have to say. We had the wild mushroom soup scented with truffle oil instead of the French Onion Soup that had caught my eye in the soup section. I was glad because this soup was flavourful, fragrant and filling! It is also quite heavy because of the cream content in it so you may want to steer clear of it in case you are on a diet. The roasted pumpkin soup with crispy bacon will convert you into an avid pumpkin lover for life. The strong flavours add to the aroma of the soup – again quite filling.

Moving on to the salad section, I had the Quinoa tabouleh salad which was pungent and fresh with strong flavours, while my companion – a strict non-vegetarian – went with the Pulled chicken with orange glaze and caramelized walnut. Besides for the stray hair that was decorating this salad, another fresh portion of this salad was scrumptious with the orange glaze lending a unique flavour to it.

A must try at Tilt All Day is their Arabic mezze that consists of baba ganoush, falafel, pita bread, hummus and lebneh which is absolutely delicious and fresh! Their zattar pita still makes me drool at even the thought of those million flavourful herbs dancing on my tongue. Highly recommended are their Panko crusted blue cheese stuffed mushroom cheese fondue dip which, according to me lacked flavour and even salt, but their blue cheese dip can make you happy on your sad days! The Chargrilled mustard king prawns with balsamic reduction, though looked tantalizing, were quite chewy and dry, but we’d like to give the team a thumbs up as the bursting flavours more than made up for their chewiness. Full of flavour, we really didn’t mind chewing on them for that much longer.

Next we tried the flatbreads, which are tinier rectangle versions of pizzas. Vegetarians will like the Capriccioso with Pesto, bell pepper, sundried tomato and jalepenos, but ask them to ensure it is well coated with the pesto sauce otherwise it will get too dry. The Cajun Chicken Flatbread with Cajun marinated chicken, glazed onion, mushroom, sundried tomato and paprika was superbly moist, more so by the olive oil drizzle. You will feel it literally melt in the mouth despite the crispy bread, and don’t be surprised if the platter ends before realisation strikes! How can one say no to dessert? With the Ferrero Rocher cake stuffing us to extreme, it took us a couple of moments to even stand up, let alone digest all that food!

Another addition to a food cum bar to Mumbai’s must visit places, Tilt All Day promises a great ambience that will tilt many visitors towards happiness, with multitude advantages to their side.

Coordinates: Tilt All Day, Trade View, Oasis Complex, Kamala Mills Compound, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Worli, Mumbai
For reservations, call +91-22-24927200