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Top 5 Luxurious Things to Do in Indonesia

Indonesia’s heritage and wildlife can be explored in a luxurious, comforting way. Here’s how.

Indonesia islands

Picturesque remote islands, iconic cultural attractions, and idyllic beaches – these are just some of the things to love about Indonesia. As the largest country in Southeast Asia, it has something to offer every traveller, including those who prefer to travel in luxury and style. Here are the top 5 luxurious things to do in Indonesia.

1. Take a Private Tour of Komodo National Park    

Home to the beastly Komodo dragons, Komodo National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site home to beautiful white sand beaches and incredible hiking trails. It's also a popular site for diving, with colourful coral reefs and fascinating underwater scenes. 

Indonesia islands komodo dragon

One of the most luxurious things to do in Indonesia is book a private tour of Komodo National Park. Aside from offering an exciting opportunity to witness the Komodo dragons in their natural habitat, your tour will take you on exciting adventures and visit many other islands, such as Kelor and Padar Island.

Padar Island is where you'll find the most scenic viewpoint of Komodo. It's a short hike to the top, taking about 30 minutes. When you get to the top, you'll be in awe at the breathtaking views that resemble those of the Jurassic Park landscape. 

Another thing to look forward to on your private tour of Komodo National Park is the opportunity to visit Pink Beach. The park is home to gorgeous pink sand beaches, among the most Instagrammable beaches in Indonesia. 

The Komodo Dragon Trek is the highlight of your private tour of Komodo National Park. For this activity, you'll do a short trek to search for the Komodo dragons. You will be with a park ranger to ensure a safer and more enjoyable trek.

2. Chill in an Infinity Pool Overlooking Bali 

Ubud Hanging Gardens Pool

Bali is one of the few places in the world where you'll find many resorts with incredible infinity pools overlooking stunning beaches, rice terraces, and majestic volcanoes. Thus, one of the most luxurious things to do in Indonesia is to chill in an infinity pool. 

You'll find plenty of options when searching for infinity pools in Bali. But the most iconic is the Ubud Hanging Gardens. Surrounded by lush tropical rainforest, the well-known Bali resort has received several recognitions for being one of the world's best swimming pools. Due to its popularity, they only allow guests staying at the resort to use the pool. If you are staying at a different resort, you can book the half-day package, which comes with lunch, a spa treatment, and access to the famous infinity pool. 

Aside from the Ubud Hanging Gardens, you'll find many other luxurious hotels to stay in around Bali with beautiful outdoor spaces to relax in, especially if you don't mind splurging. You can stay at Padma Resort Ubud, which has outstanding accommodations and excellent amenities, including an 89-metre infinity pool with panoramic views of the river valley.

3. Visit Orangutans in Borneo 

Borneo Island

Borneo is a Southeast Asian island shared by Indonesia and Malaysia. It lies along the South China Sea and is renowned for its incredible wildlife, including orangutans and proboscis monkeys. Thus, wildlife lovers should consider visiting orangutans in Borneo on their luxury trip to Indonesia.

The majority of Borneo is Kalimantan, which is part of Indonesia. It's a massive state consisting of five provinces. With a relatively high population of orangutans, it's one of the best places to see orangutans in their natural habitat. You can book a private tour that will take you to Tanjung Puting National Park, set amidst a vast swathe of coastal tropical forests. It started as a reserve before being transformed into a national park in 1982.

When you get to the park, you can take a small boat to explore and discover its natural wonders. Sailing gently along Sungai Sekonyer, keep your eyes peeled on the orangutans and other incredible animals, such as pot-bellied macaques and crocodiles. 

Your journey will begin at the Kumai River port before heading to the three main feeding stations of the park with a local guide. Here, you can witness semi-wild orangutans in their feeding sessions – a magnificent experience!

4. Yacht around the Indonesian Islands         

Yachting around Indonesia

Since Indonesia is home to many different islands, the best way to make the most of your holiday and visit as many places as you can is on an island-hopping tour. If you want to do it in luxury and style, consider chartering a yacht. With thousands of places to explore, an exciting adventure awaits you in the country. 

Your yacht adventure will take you to many picturesque islands, where you can learn about the local cultures, explore fascinating landscapes, and come face to face with incredible wildlife species. There are many different islands you can visit, depending on your interests. 

If you want to come face to face with the world's biggest lizard, you can head to Komodo National Park. Those keen on exploring Indonesia's underwater scenery can include snorkelling and diving on their itinerary, allowing them to discover fascinating marine life, from colourful fish to dolphins and whales.

5. Go Diving in Raja Ampat                

Raja Ampat Indonesia

Diving in Raja Ampat is one of the most luxurious things to do in Indonesia, especially for those interested in exploring underwater sceneries and coming face to face with fascinating marine life. A bucket list destination for diving and is considered the world's most marine biodiverse area. Thus, you can expect to discover thousands of incredible species here.

Raja Ampat boasts some of the healthiest and most pristine coral reefs in the world, teeming with marine life. Another great thing about diving in Raja Ampat is that it has warm waters, averaging 30 degrees Celsius. 

As one of the world's best diving destinations, Raja Ampat is home to several dive resorts and around 40 liveaboards. You will find them in the Waigo and Misool areas and around the central area of the island. For a more enjoyable adventure, you can book liveaboards with combined trips to Triton Bay or a sailing adventure through the Banda Sea.