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Valentino bans Alpaca fleece

In a breakthrough move, Valentino became the first ever luxury brand to ban Alpaca wool

Alpacas in Peru

August 13, 2020: Luxury brand Valentino has issued a release regarding its ban on using Alpaca wool following an appeal from PETA UK. 

An extensive investigation launched by PETA uncovered the truth of cruelty towards the Alpacas in the Mallkini, which is the world’s largest privately owned alpaca farm in Peru. A heartbreaking video revealing the plight of the animals went viral. PETA has been appealing to brands as well as consumers to refrain from using any product made of Alpaca fleece.

Valentino’s decision comes as a huge victory for animal rights activists, being the first high-end luxury brand to ban the material. It has confirmed to “discontinue the production of garments in which [alpaca] is present by the end of 2021”. 

Valentino sweater with Alpaca wool

PETA executive vice president Tracy Reiman said in a statement, “Valentino’s compassionate decision will go a long way in helping to prevent vulnerable alpacas from being abused and roughly shorn for their fleece.”