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Veda – Cuisine Wisdom

Indian restaurant Veda has been there for quite a long time in New Delhi now. The city had almost taken it for granted maybe. But the more recent one at DLF Promenade has snapped our attention back to this fabulous restaurant…

Indian restaurant Veda has been there for quite a long time in New Delhi now. The city had almost taken it for granted maybe. But the more recent one at DLF Promenade has snapped our attention back to this fabulous restaurant…

As soon as you enter Veda, you realize what true Indian grandeur and magnificence means. What else can you expect from fashion designer Rohit Bal, who is known for his opulent creations with quintessential Indian motifs and designs.

The result of a collaboration between Bal and entrepreneur Alok Aggarwal, the Indian restaurant Veda is located in Connaught Place and DLF Promenade Mall (New Delhi). They have recently opened in Mumbai as well. Bal has personally worked on the décor of all the restaurants, giving each a unique individuality, while keeping true to Indian elements.

The restaurant has been much talked about in F&B and interior magazines, and mass media, but nothing had prepared me for my first visit to Veda. As soon as we stepped inside Veda at DLF Promenade Mall, New Delhi, the interiors had us astounded! Your eyes meet a wall with beautiful glasswork on it, depicting peacocks and lotus flowers. It looked like a beautiful fresco depicting the Indian monsoon season. The whole art deco throws a golden shimmer, making you think that the motifs have been made with actual gold, not glass! The floor also has little marble motifs of the lotus flower. The bar part of the restaurant has a modern looking red glass chandelier, which, when lit up, gives a glamourous look to the restaurant.

The décor at Veda has some striking similarities with Bal’s Italian restaurant Cibo – same high couches, and small, glowing bulbs hanging from the ceiling. But well, we are not complaining!

Since we had come for lunch, we thought it best not to drink and settle down with the safer option of a mocktail. The mocktail menu, however, was a slight disappointment. I had expected some Indian influenced drinks – maybe some innovative form of lassi, or an aam panna. But universal favourites like mint mojito met my eye.

Not taking that too deeply against Veda, and sipping my Strawberrita, we mulled over the appetizers menu. The manager recommended a platter, and we were more than willing to oblige him. So a vegetarian platter including Tandoori Aloo, Tandoori Salad, Paneer Tikka and Tandoori Broccoli was put forth. It was delicious to say the least! All the appetizers were well-cooked. The Vegetarian Seekh Kebab was soft and melting in the mouth while the Tandoori Aloo was just crisp enough. The accompanying chutney was not too spicy as well. Non-Vegetarians will surely enjoy the Murg Malai Kebab (boneless pieces of chicken marinated with cheese and fresh cream).

While we were gorging on the platter, my friend mentioned that if she didn’t have a prospect of the main course in front of her, she would have just ordered more of the platter for her lunch!

There was also a plate of spicy paapad with a thick tomato dip – something like what you would make at home – and simply delicious. You could feel the small chunks of juicy tomato in your mouth. I was just having the tomato dip by the spoonful! You can also start your meal with the classic Tomato Shorba or Chicken Soup.

For the main course, we ordered Dal Veda and Paneer Kundan Kalian with rice, and Cheese Parmesan Kulcha. Dal Veda, which was like a normal Dal Makhani, was good. The Paneer was a tad bit too sweet, but I enjoyed it anyways. But the honour for the main course goes to the Cheese Kulcha. Quite innovative, it was thin and crisp and accompanied by a thick masala raita. Dip the kulcha in the raita and have it. Bliss!

Our carnivorous readers surely won’t be able to resist the ubiquitous Butter Chicken, but do try Murg Korma as well.

Even though we both were packed till the top, we had to sample the dessert as well. After all, Indian cuisine is known for its syrupy sweet desserts. In that spirit, we ordered the Shahi Tukda. Again it gets full marks from us. The warm ‘tukda’ was well-cooked and crunchy. The milk cream on top was thick and just the right amount of sweet.

But what we hadn’t ordered was the Paan Shake Shot. The staff thoughtfully just kept it in front of us. It was a delightful little flute-shaped glass filled with paan-flavoured shake. Gulp it down in one go like a tequila shot, and you’ll keep licking your lips for the next five minutes!

All in all, the food was absolutely top-notch. Everything was just as it ought to be. Feel elegant in the awe-inspiring surroundings and just dig into the hot Indian food. The word ‘Veda’ means wisdom. And the restaurant Veda certainly seems to be well-versed with Indian cuisine.

Coordinates: 307-308, DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
For reservations: Please call Mr Sugandh Khanna, General Manager, +91-11-46040707