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5 Ways to Make Your Home Magnificent

To celebrate the 5th Anniversary of LuxuryFacts, international hotelier & designer, Anouska Hempel, has created her top 5 design tips, which will revolutionise your home into a luxurious hotel in a jiffy!

Anouska Hempel’s transformation of her interiors and her houses is always startling, intense and stylish. It is conceived as a journey – a rite of passage into an exotic world of the imagination and a progression from one intricately wrought space to another. And so, she emerges with 5 creative ideas, choosing one for every year of LuxuryFacts especially for its readers, on how to makeover your home in the style of best global hotels!

Think Big for 2011

Proportions up-high. If you are building a space and the volumes allow, consider the possibility of reaching high into the heights with domes and cupolas covered in Baccarat Crystals. The light and reflections of water or candlelight below will create a majestic interior with memorable consequences.

baccarat chandeliers high ceilings decor

Earn Your Stripes for 2012
When designing your space and setting, consider stripes: the widths, the tones, and the proportions. Try not to use large stripes in a small room – it just won’t work. In a longer, larger space, have conviction and keep repeating your stripes to work the shapes. This gives you depth and proportion. The stripes create dimensions where there aren’t any. Match your furniture to the choice of your stripes: blacks with black, cinnamons with cinnamon, ochres with ochre. Plan it with your tape, and set a new scene. You can do it.

luxury home decor with stripes

Be Dramatic for 2013

Create a sense of the unexpected and add a touch of drama to a room for a person to respond to the mood a certain design creates. Use a painted stripe-motif with two colours on the floor, here black and white, and add warmth to the room with of some large white candles, organised in interesting places, to flicker and dance across the walls and mirrored panels – this always does the trick.

unique luxury decor in neutral shades with candles

Play with Light for 2014

Light and shadows are an essential part of your design plan. Consider where your sunlight starts and where the moonshine ends the day. Give these natural sources of light a chance to come inside. Reflected daylight can turn black surfaces to white, Lattice screens and blinds can reveal or conceal as you desire, but give the play of light an important role.

luxury decor enhancing light and shadows

Embrace The Eclectic for 2015

On travels this year, be spontaneous and bring something back that catches your eye at first glance: it will have a place with you back home. An interesting mix of furniture, desks, books, chairs, baskets, lamps, cushion shapes and glassware will in turn catch someone else’s eye, and create more stories about faraway travels – real or not! 

eclectic luxury decor with unique pieces

anouska hempel lady weinbergAnouska Hempel is a celebrated designer with her work spanning architecture, interior and furniture design, haute couture, fashion, garden and product design. As a hotelier, she has owned, designed and managed three award winning boutique hotels (Blakes London, Blakes Amsterdam, The Hempel) which showcase her signature style and are produced with the highest attention to detail from the guest bedrooms to the imaginative menus. A fusion of west meets east pervades her design whether it is a classical or contemporary feel. Hempel's restaurant designs range from modern minimalist to theatrical. She has designed retail stores for Van Cleef and Arpels and Louis Vuitton. Hempel has also designed two yachts, ‘Beluga’, her own personal yacht, and San Lorenzo, a sleek minimal design for a private commission. Hempel has taken several private commissions for homes and landscapes, such as a garden in honour of Princess Margaret in Oxford. She has designed haute couture clothes for many famous women – including Princess Diana and Princess Margaret of the Royal Family. Hempel’s creative design efforts are chronicled in a recently released coffee table book in the UK with Thames & Hudson, and in USA with Rizzoli book publishers. Anouska Hempel Design is a truly international practice with projects completed or underway in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Middle and Far East, and the book reflects the scope and scale of the work to date.