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A Vivid Discovery

Jewellery is not just about how it looks, as most Indian women understand. It’s also about the craftsmanship and comfort. Entice jewellery brand scores on all points!

Jewellery is not just about how it looks, as most Indian women understand. It’s also about the craftsmanship and comfort. Entice jewellery brand scores full marks on all points!

It is always a little difficult to judge for us whether a jewellery brand can be deemed as ‘luxury’ or not. Since jewellery is a luxury item in any case, and most of the brands use certified diamonds and stones and have work-able designs, which one brand out of those plethoras can be put on the same pedestal as Cartier or Ganjam?

Entice jewellery brand, however, can surely be termed as luxury we think. Having being retailing at the Blues Jewellery store in New Delhi’s South Extension area, Entice has now opened a stand-alone store in Greater Kailash I, New Delhi. The brand also has a store in Jaipur, the city being close to the heart of the controlling family group – KGK Group. In Mumbai, however, they offer personalized service only as of yet.

Locational luxury
This first boutique in Delhi truly stands out as a luxurious oasis due to its elegant design and interiors. The Rajasthani inspired display windows are heavily reminiscent of the iconic Jal Mahal in Jaipur which was recently restored by the KGK Group. It’s location in the bustling Greater Kailash M Block market, however, is a little confusing.

Sharing space with probably 20 other jewellery brands was quite a risky step we think. But Mr Sanjay Kothari, Vice Chairman of KGK Group of Companies, is not worried about the competition. “This shopping area is frequented by our target audience which makes it an extremely beneficial location. As for competing with other jewellery brands here, we don’t think just opening the store will make a difference. Consumers need to come in and experience our quality for them to really agree with Entice, which we are sure will gradually happen,” he said.

The luxury charm
If, indeed, the consumers do come in to review Entice, they will be floored by the quality of the brand and will be tempted to try it. What primarily makes Entice luxury, according to us, is its making.

The quality of its stones is absolutely verified since in the 1990s, KGK became an authorised bulk purchaser of rough diamonds by being awarded Sightholder status by the Diamond Trading Company (DTC), the marketing arm of De Beers. KGK’s rough diamonds are sourced from mines in South Africa and from organized markets in Antwerp, London and Russia. The emeralds, rubies and sapphires are sourced from mines in Colombia, Brazil, Zambia, Sri Lanka, and tanzanite from Tanzania. These gems are cut and polished in group’s India and Thailand factories, thus eliminating any involvement of a third party.

Secondly, the jewellery being handcrafted at their manufactory in Hong Kong, is extremely lightweight and flexible, as opposed to jewellery made in India which is usually metal-heavy. The necklaces are crafted in such a way so as to make them fall and drape over the neck and adjust itself to the contours like a second skin. This leaves out any chances of having that embarrassing gap between the neck and the jewellery piece. Also, your neck or ears won’t sag with the weight of the jewellery and will turn out to be exceptionally comfortable even if you have to wear it an entire day.

Third is the stunning design of the jewellery. The look is quite contemporary, allowing them to be worn with traditional Indian dresses as well as with evening gowns. Designed by Mr Kothari’s wife, the pieces reflect the simplicity coupled with sleek and straight lines. Precious stones are combined with diamonds in a beautiful way so as to dazzle the on-looker with their sheer luminosity!

Fourth, and probably the most important reason, is that each piece is one-of-its-kind and exclusive. They don’t duplicate the designs to make a large collection. Customisation and bespoke services are of course available at the store.

Entice breaks some conventionalities and boundaries in jewellery design and production. Eventually, we feel the brand will set some new trends in the industry. In the meanwhile, let’s dabble in their brilliance…