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Bold & Better: 8 Fall Trends from Paris Men’s Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2020

Paris Fashion Week – the gateway of ultimate trends – remains the game changer as always. But, this time it tries to change the ancient societal rules in a singular way. LuxuryFacts brings to you 8 Parisian trends

As men’s fashion presentation reached the end destination – Paris, the trends had hit the correct French tone and resulted in classier looks. Paris, being always referred to as the Fashion Capital, saw men decked in silk and shiny fabrics; accessories punctuated through neckties; elements that highlight a man’s soft stature and creating some benchmark unisex trends that we look forward to Billy Porter adorning them.

Presenting 8 exclusive trends from Parisian runways to edge up the inner French lad style inside of you:

1. Baggy Spaces

A typical baggy look might not be the elegant French vision that one may think of. But, what about the style merge between the street and classic wearables? The runways of Paris made one of the ‘not-so-easy’ trends look flamboyant and flawless. Casablanca and Off-White really paved the way by styling baggy pants to a higher notch.

Baggy Pants Fall 2020 Menswear Acne Studios

Baggy Pants Fall 2020 Menswear Casablanca

Baggy Pants Fall 2020 Menswear Lanvin

Baggy Pants Fall 2020 Menswear Off-White


2. Bling Ring

No trend can be compared to the sparkling magic in Paris – clothes accentuated with sequins, beads and jewels echoed the glamour of Parisian streets. Of course, Balmain, known for its ‘over-the-top’ styles, ranks the highest here. This doesn’t leave out other giant houses like Dior and Givenchy who give a series of bejewelled jackets, knitwear and capes. The Valentino man was in a ‘head-to-toe’ sequinned suit, throwing light to the fact that flaunting extra is not only a woman’s cup of tea.

Bling Fall 2020 Menswear Balmain

Loewe Fall 2020 Menswear Balmain

Bling Fall 2020 Menswear Valentino


3. Feeling Blue

Well, here ‘feeling blue’ can only give you a calm and peaceful aura. The Paris runways seem to be taking inspirations from nature – precisely, the clear blue skies, fluffy clouds and high mountains. Picturesque prints of ice skiing in the mountains, deep blue clear skies at Casablanca and Louis Vuitton hit the right chords of making oneself feel inspired and moving.

Blue shades Fall 2020 Menswear Casablanca

Blue shades Fall 2020 Menswear Loewe

Blue shades Fall 2020 Menswear Louis Vuitton


4. Camo Craze

Camo print has been around for ages and this print only tends to get better with time. Men and Camo prints are like the best buddies. Each time they come back to the runway, the classic vibe and waves of nostalgia just floods in. From the 1980s to this day, this archetypal print without much re-appropriation can stand out and speak loudly.

Camo print Fall 2020 Menswear Heron Preston

Camo print Fall 2020 Menswear Paul Smith

Camo print Fall 2020 Menswear Valentino


5. Peek-a-Boo

Cutouts can be referred to as ‘being strategically sexy’ – there’s a definitive and measurable amount of skin to be acknowledged. These slashes and slits in women’s wear aren’t new at all, but resettling gender-defining trends would make one look progressive. Hence, cutouts in men’s wear sound a reason enough to experiment and Billy Porter could already be thinking about it. Louis Vuitton, Off-White, and Rick Owens show a high temptation of wearability of this trend.

Cutouts Fall 2020 Menswear Louis Vuitton

Cutouts Fall 2020 Menswear Off-White

Cutouts Fall 2020 Menswear Rick owens


6. Recalling Necktie

We are in a time period when smart casual also tends to look formal at some point. The boring neckties were made to look quirky when Barney adorned the duck tie, thus paving way for fun elements in regulars. So, why should be the necktie left when every possible trend is enjoying a makeover? A high, modest and easy-going rework were given to ties this season. Stressing upon how to wear a necktie, they were checked, oversized, preppy, applique-done, ushering in the missed moods of ‘work and play’.

necktie Fall 2020 Menswear Dior

necktie Fall 2020 Menswear Lanvin

necktie Fall 2020 Menswear Loewe

necktie Fall 2020 Menswear Off-White


7. Smooth Silk

Paris cannot be culminated without interpreting the richest of all fabrics – the light and lively silk. Be it Dunhill’s sultry silk suits or Hermes’ cool silk jacket, this fabric has been reinterpreted to match all possible moods. Silk capes at Loewe transports the vibes of a stylish yet strong hero in disguise.

Silk Fall 2020 Menswear Balmain

necktie Fall 2020 Menswear Dunhill

Silk Fall 2020 Menswear Lanvin

Silk Fall 2020 Menswear Loewe


8. Dressing Men

At a time, when being vocal about one’s choices and styles are the needful tools of being a responsible society, the fashion fraternity has always pushed the borders and supported these staple requirements. Dethroning the unreal definitions set by society in order to be a macho man, Paris gave the much-needed man dresses. Shiny and glamorous ones at Loewe and sheered and tempting ones at Rick Owens have tried to change the perceptions of society, while commanding that skin-baring outfits for men is an upcoming trend.

Man dresses Fall 2020 Menswear Loewe

Man dresses Fall 2020 Menswear Rick Owens