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Boss Home – Boss in the House

With Boss Home making an entry into Mumbai, will you be adding to your collection or completely revamping the house?

Hugo Boss Home Decor IndiaThey say good things come in small packages. And these small packages often come with a heavy price tag. But one thing is for certain, they do know how to make you look and feel like a million bucks. One thing leads to another, and then you want to ensure that your entire paraphernalia spells that feeling too. Getting a first mover’s advantage for Boss, Nirav Meswani, Director, Surprise Home Linen, brings the brand's bath and bed collection to Mumbai at a time when the luxury consumer is craving for design, style and decor.

"As retailers of luxury and high end home furnishing products, we saw a demand for high end international brands in the furnishing segment too. India, and especially Mumbai, is now geared for the onset of branded items for home and lifestyle. What started with garments and accessories is now moving to other domains like home interiors. The discerning client wants stylish products along with the psychological gratification that they get by using famous brands like Hugo Boss, so why not give it to them?" said Mr Meswani.

Surprise Home Linen, a two decade old home textiles company, aligns some of the most coveted home linen brands from across the world along with its exquisite selection of in-house fabrics and soft furnishings. Unveiling the iconic brand Hugo Boss’ home line exclusively in India, Surprise offers a distinct bed and bath experience from the brand at the Boss Lounge in Mumbai.

Taking a walk around the corner that houses the products, the Hugo Boss Home collection is everything you would expect and more. A selection of luxury bedding and bath lines, there is now no excuse to keep last years’ sheets. With two seasonal ranges a year, here's looking forward to beds and bathrooms that look like they have just popped up from a stylish interiors magazine. The exclusive designs elegantly reflect the distinctive characteristics of the BOSS core brand, matching quality materials with refined designs.

Hugo Boss Home Decor IndiaStylish surprise
I, for one, was quite excited for the launch of Boss Home in Mumbai. But it seems like I wasn't the only one. In a conversation with Mr Meswani, he proudly mentioned that he has had a very encouraging response to Hugo Boss for their Home collection already. "It is surprising to see how many people know the brand and its design sensibilities so well," he said. The brand's entry into Mumbai is a strategic one, and one that required a handful of planning and market studies. Surely, the decision to pick Surprise would have been a well researched one. Shedding light on this, it is interesting to note that Hugo Boss for Home follows a fixed strategy of working with limited retailers in any country. For example, in London, they work only with Selfridges. Similarly in India, they would want to identify the leader in the luxury home textile domain for a specific market and then be present in that particular country only with them. The synergy between Surprise Home Linen and Hugo Boss brings a quality product of a global brand to the right customer in the Indian market via a perfect channel that houses more brands than you can even think of.

So the next time you are at the store, keep in mind that they know what they are doing. With specific staff to look after the Hugo Boss corners, with training on the quality and technical aspects of the product, as well as the overall Hugo Boss "look" so they can relate to the brand better, you just may be in for a surprise!

Line for bosses
There is news for Boss home lovers. The line is exactly the same in India as available internationally with the exception of the time frame needed to ship the goods here. No modifications to the products have been made for the Indian market, so you and your friend in America can sport the same design as you are face timing. “Making modifications to iconic brands defeats the purpose of introducing the brands to local markets. A typical customer for Hugo Boss home products would be a patron of the Hugo Boss brand or a well travelled individual who has global taste when it concerns interior design," said Mr Meswani. So, in both cases, the customer would want the global look of the brand to be retained, and that is exactly why he would want to buy the product.

Hugo Boss Home Decor India

With products ranging from bed sheets to towels and napkins, they most definitely are a lovely addition to your home. Ask Mr Meswani for his favourite product, and his selection matches mine. "My favourite product is the kimono. It is very versatile in use and stylish at the same time and made with good quality Turkish cotton. The best part is the bold branding on the lapel of the kimono. It really makes the person wearing it feel like a boss," he said. Besides feeling like a boss, why would you want to buy their products?

Perfect for Indian climates, Boss bed linen is 100 per cent cotton and predominately 300TC (120 threads/cm2), woven from the finest combed cotton, with reactive printing and dying. The cushions are made of cotton, silk, leather and other quality materials while plaids are woven from fine wool with embroideries and rib stitching. The finish on the pillowcase is a piping or inserted bias to add sophistication and elegance and their Duvet covers are not to miss with a button finish. Boss bath linen is woven with care to provide maximum absorption, while still remaining soft and smooth to the touch.

Luxury lovers can rush to their nearest Surprise store and admire the quality of the products. Enjoy the pampering as the Egyptian cotton sheets and the Turkish cotton towels literally love the skin. Go ahead, sink into luxury.

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The latest Boss Home collection includes sophisticated colour and designs, featuring soft floral and geometrics and abstract patterns for the fashionable home. Cool classic colours and smart cut lines are combined to create a must have fashion homeware line that the world has been clamouring to collect. Collections are designed to be mixed and matched together, easily transitional, perfect for transforming or subtly updating your interior with the time of year.

With perfect looks that underline the customer`s individuality and meet superior standards in quality, design and workmanship, Indian homes are ready to welcome the brand with open arms, and pockets. Going forward, the new season’s collection is going to be a mix of eclectic yet urban, and simple prints and colours, inspired from the Manhattan skyline. We recommend you start making space in your linen closet.