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Cool Blue Aquamarines for the Tranquil March Baby

The pale, calm aquamarine has an ethereal quality that makes it so adaptable with any other stone or metal. And we can’t talk enough about it! Here are some of our favorite jewelry pieces with this stone

The birthstone for March, Aquamarine is a lovely pale blue gem that brings to mind ocean, seas and sky. The name ‘aquamarine’ though is rooted in two Latin words – aqua meaning ‘water’ and marina meaning ‘of the sea.’ The gem was said to calm waves and keep sailors and seafarers safe at sea. According to legends, the mineral beryl makes the wearer unconquerable and amiable, and also quickens the intellect.

Aquamarine is a variety of the mineral beryl and has a narrow colour range: it can be blue, very slightly greenish blue, greenish blue, very strongly greenish blue, or green-blue. The gem is pleochroic and shows different colours in different crystal directions — in the case of aquamarine, they’re near-colourless and strong blue. 

Katherine Jetter Aquamarine hoop earring

Katherine Jetter Aquamarine Origami Earrings

“Aquamarines are my birthstone; I am a March baby,” says designer Katherine Jetter, who has employed modern baguette cuts in her aquamarine origami hoops and cage earrings. “I think it lends itself well to the clarity and translucency found in aquamarine.” 

Lauren Harwell Godfrey of Harwell Godfrey is of the view that aquamarine and pale blue tones are very calming and soothing. “They are truly ‘cool’ and are easy-to-wear with many other colours. They almost function as a neutral,” adds the designer, who has accented some of her pendants and earrings using this pale blue gem. 

So here’s our edit of 12 stunning, incredibly unique aquamarine jewels: 

1. Eden Presley

Ward off negative vibes with Eden Presley’s Evil Eye statement ring set with aquamarine and diamonds in 14k yellow gold.

Eden Presley Evil Eye ring

2. Anthony Lent

Fancy wearing a blue globe as a ring? Anthony Lent’s classic Adorned Hands ring features two aquamarine cabochon stones, set back-to-back in a platinum pavé band. Look closely, you can spot a teeny-tiny ring on the golden finger and the designer’s signature moon face motif. 

Anthony Lent Aquamarine ring

3. Adam Foster

Adam Foster’s 18k yellow gold ring from his Plume collection features a striking hand carved feather, accented with diamonds, holding a cushion shaped aquamarine. 

Adam Foster Aquamarine ring

4. Ming Lampson

In the collection ‘Reverence for Nature,’ Ming Lampson’s explores the natural world with one-of-a-kind fine jewellery. Kite shaped aquamarines form cold, jagged shards of ice depicting winter. A perfect statement for your ears. 

Ming Lampson Aquamarine earring

5. Boucheron

Who wants to be a snow queen? Boucheron’s Baãkal necklace from Hiver Impérial collection is a dreamy vision in pearls, moonstones, diamonds and aquamarines. This imperial necklace is adorned with over 2,000 Akoya pearls strung on multiple strands of silk threads. 

Boucheron Baakal aquamarine necklace

6. Buccellati

Buccellati’s stunning Oasi high-jewellery cuff is part of the maison’s Dream Bracelets collection. The oval aquamarine is a light blue breath raising straight up out of the silky white gold surface, with a lightness that the yellow gold openwork confers. The textured gold sparkles with a gentle sprinkling of fine diamonds. 

Buccellati Aquamarine bracelet

7. VanLeles

Lyla’s Bow high jewellery necklace by VanLeles features emerald cut Brazilian aquamarines and white diamonds set in white gold. This one-of-a-kind aquamarine necklace is knotted with bows and wrapped in strands of diamond pave. 

VanLele Aquamarine necklace

8. Jill Heller – David Webb

Private jeweller Jill Heller’s curated vintage jewels has a great treasure – a divine vintage David Webb cuff set with a sumptuous aquamarine and embellished with diamonds. 

David Webb aquamarine ring

9. Karma el Khalil

Karma el Khalil creates a lovely ear party with jigsaw puzzles in gemstone. This pair of Puzzle earrings in 18k white gold features aquamarines.

Karma el Khalil Aquamarine earring

10. Fabio Salini

Fabio Salini transforms his creations into contemporary art juxtaposing unique materials with precious gems. This statement cuff set with aquamarine and diamonds in white gold and carbon fibre is a conversation starter. 

Fabio Salini Aquamarine bracelet

11. Tiffany & Co

Gemmy delight! This high jewellery platinum bracelet sprinkled with gorgeous tanzanites, aquamarines, blue tourmalines and diamonds from Tiffany & Co. belongs to the Tiffany Blue Book 2016, The Art of Transformation collection.

Tiffany & Co Aquamarine bracelet

12. Lydia Courteille 

Lydia Courteille’s aquamarine ring is definitely OTT. Gem extravagance comes easy to the designer. This 18k gold ring is encrusted with blue sapphire hearts and golden gem set arrows while the aquamarine takes centerstage. 

Lydia Courteille Aquamarine ring

Kirsty Stone of Retrouvaí loves how aquamarine can feel neutral but is so cheerful. “I’ll wear it with anything.” And that’s why, having fallen in love with so many aquamarine pieces, we decided to make a virtual showcase of some honorary mentions!