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Create The Perfect Luxury Bathroom Using These Ideas

Bathrooms are more than just a place to wash up. They are our safe zone. So amp them up!

Luxury Bathroom
A luxury bathroom should never be the stuff of dreams when it can be achieved with a few quick and easy steps. By just adding the right items to your bathroom, you can make it feel lavish without looking flashy or over the top – giving you that perfect spa-like feel. Here is our advice for creating a luxurious bathroom in your home.

Equip your bathroom with its own sauna

No luxury bathroom can be without a sauna. A wood-grain sauna creates a welcoming atmosphere and simply allows us to truly relax in our own zone. Especially at a time when we want to bring the indulgent aspect to us, a home sauna lets us unwind without the stress of visiting a spa with all the rules and regulations.

Luxury Bathroom sauna

Use taps & showerheads to heighten the sense of spa-like lavishness

When visiting any spa across the world, the thing they all have in common is the use of beautiful and practical fixtures.

Showerheads and taps that you wish you could have in your own bathroom. So… why not do that? 

Running water can be extremely therapeutic, as rainfall showerheads, especially, really help to calm the muscles and provide the feeling of a retreat.

Luxury Bathroom shower heads

Likewise, bathroom taps should use the latest technological advancements such as LED lighting to display water temperature and contactless washing via infrared sensors. All that is well and good, but just like these modern examples, mixer taps must look cutting-edge and use materials that fit any type of bathroom design.

Harness the power of marble

Nothing screams “luxury” quite like a marble sink. A beautiful stone surface simply adds a touch of opulence to a living space. Use marble sparingly, as the sink and bathtub in this material are enough to create a timeless and elegant bathroom that is always striking every time you enter the bathroom.

Luxury Bathroom marble

Appreciate the Parisian elegance 

The Parisians know what they’re doing when it comes to style. Not only are they famous for their fashion and fine dining, their architecture and design skills are also not to be ignored. A bathroom with vintage furniture and lit by an antique chandelier is truly something to behold and worthy of a Paris address.

Plus, the old-school fixtures and fittings help add a unique feel. The lavishness of a freestanding bathtub with claw feet and taps with a brass finish will make your bathroom feel decades old, but with up-to-date touches that are necessary from our era. Furniture really can change a home quickly and simply.

Display bathroom art to show your luxury lifestyle

Who says art needs to be confined to the living room? Art can exist and inspire in any part of the house, and where better than a place of relaxation and preparation. Your attention often wanders in the bathroom and art is the perfect decoration for a luxurious space such as this. Art will make this area to become more curated and refined. Ocean-themed artwork is never a bad idea – shells, fish, the beach, and more, choose art that speaks to you.

Luxury bathroom art

The right lighting can make a bathroom an idyllic haven

The lighting of a bathroom needs to change throughout the day to match your current state of mind. Mornings should have powerful, bright lights to provide an energising surge with your shower. Mirrors must include direct lighting to allow you to perfectly see your face while applying makeup, brushing teeth, shaving, etc. Then, the illumination can be dimmed in the evening to match a calming bath.

LED lighting installed in bathroom skirting boards is an absolute secret that spas don’t want you to know, as these really add a special ambient radiance that is truly luxurious. What’s more, the lighting can be attached to sensors so that harsh white bulbs don’t dazzle your eyes if you visit the bathroom in the middle of the night.