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Enchanting Emeralds for the May Born

A stone that is especially celebratory, emeralds are gifted to mark 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries. And yes, they are the birthstone for those born in May

May is definitely the best time to talk about emeralds – these vibrant, velvety green gems are the birthstone of the month. And more than being just a precious stone, the colour of this green beryl signifies the “celebration of life blooming everywhere.”

Van Cleef Arpels Emerald jewelry

The first known emerald mines were in Egypt, dating from at least 330 BC into the 1700s, according to the GIA. The precious emerald is known to have captivated the Egyptian pharaohs and Inca emperors, while also enchanting royalty in far corners of the world along the way. Cleopatra’s love of emeralds too is evident in her royal adornments.

According to legend, the emerald has the power to make its wearer “more intelligent and quick-witted,” and it was also believed to cure diseases.

The source of the finest emeralds for over 500 years, Colombia’s green gems mined in Muzo, Chivor and Coscuez produce a range of colours – Muzo’s emeralds are known for the darker tones of pure green, while Chivor’s gems are slightly bluish green and Coscuez is noted for the slightly yellowish green emeralds. Minas Gerais in Brazil is also home to these gorgeous stones.

Saturation of colour and clarity are key as is traceability. Emeralds are often treated to improve its colour or clarity, internal fractures and fissures. Provenance is everything when it comes to precious stones like emeralds. So, if you are on a gem hunt, do your due diligence and buy from trusted gem dealers or suppliers.

So what better way to celebrate your May birthday than by browsing our edit of fine and high jewellery? We’ve picked a bunch of stunning jewels accentuated with big, luscious emeralds and some everyday wearables and statement pieces sprinkled with emeralds in varied cuts and illuminated by diamonds, lustrous pearls as well as unconventionally cut hardstones. 

So view, wonder at and shop our edit!

1. Moussaieff Jewellers

This decadent high jewellery neckpiece from Moussaieff Jewellers is worthy of a diva. The choker features over 40 carats of Colombian emeralds, surrounded by diamonds, set in white gold.  

Moussaief Jewellery emerald choker

2. Anna Hu

Anna Hu has dreamed up a lovely Fantasy Garden bangle that is perfect for spring- summer. The bangle is made in yellow gold and set with emerald cabochons, drop emeralds, South Sea pearls and diamonds. 

Anna Hu Emerald Bangle

3. David Morris

Be inspired by the Emerald Creole white gold round earrings from David Morris. Adorned with micro-set white diamonds that surround the emeralds like a white halo, the round earrings add sparkle to the night. 

David Morris emerald earring

4. Van Cleef & Arpels

This divine creation from Van Cleef & Arpels sparkles with octagonal-cut Colombian emeralds and diamonds. The Acontia necklace is part of the Sous les Etoiles high jewellery collection that is inspired by the infinite universe, galaxies, nebulae and constellations. 

Van Cleef & Arpels emerald necklace

5. William Goldberg

Velvety green emeralds and diamonds dance merrily in William Goldberg’s ASHOKA Diamond Cube Necklace in an eye-catching geometric cube pattern. The necklace is set in platinum, white and yellow gold.  

William Goldberg emerald necklace

6. Chopard

These Precious Chopard emerald and diamond earrings brim with beauty. Chopard draws on both the inspiration and the elegance of the magic of festive evenings and whirling gowns for its signature high jewellery.

Chopard emerald earring

7. Bvlgari

Bulgari’s love affair with Italian cinema shines through its Cinemagia high jewellery collection. Shine like a star in the brilliant Gina sautoir embellished with cabochon emeralds and diamonds. 

Bvlgari emerald necklace

8. Graff

Shining with a royal, Victorian appeal, steal the spotlight in Graff’s emerald and diamond high jewellery necklace. 

Graff Emerald necklace

9. Palmiero

White diamonds on gold lines radiate and merge to meet pear-cut emeralds in Palmiero’s Tissage collection rings. Spread like an angel’s wings, these statement rings will put you in the limelight. 

Palmiero emerald rings

10. Valani Atelier

Add some sparkle to your wrist with this high jewellery art deco bracelet in white gold set with emerald-cut emeralds, trillion-cut emeralds, pear-cut diamonds and brilliant-cut diamonds by Valani Atelier.  

Valani emerald bracelet

11. Dior

Dior’s Gem Dior high jewellery collection honours Victoire de Castellane's 20th anniversary and focuses on gorgeous bright gemstones. The Imperial Emerald Ring from the collection is a stunner, no less. 

Dior emerald ring

12. Boucheron

The dreamy Pluie Art Déco Earrings from Boucheron’s Nature Triomphante high jewellery collection is made in white gold. Set with a pear-cut Colombian emeralds, the beauty of the long drop earrings is enhanced by the shimmer of diamonds contrasted against black onyx.

Boucheron emerald earrings

13. Graziela

Make a statement in Graziela Kaufman’s new offering, a pair of emerald and diamond drop earrings in green rhodium.

Graziela emerald earrings

14. Faraone Mennella

This festive Fireworks necklace in yellow gold and titanium, accentuated with tsavorites and emeralds, is from Faraone Mennella’s Abracadabra collection. The design is inspired by the most joyous moment in all Italian celebrations – fireworks. It's ‘Hope’ in technicolour –  just what we need this season.

Faraone Mennella

15. Fabergé

Discover hidden secrets with this rose gold transformable necklace, designed exclusively for ‘Walk For Giants’ by Fabergé x Gemfields. The Fabergé Heritage necklace, accentuated with Gemfields Zambian emerald beads, features an Elephant Surprise Locket.

Faberge emerald necklace