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Harman Kardon – New Age 2.0

Sound doesn’t necessarily mean powerful and loud, it also means stylishly impactful. Does Harman Kardon Nova make the cut?
Sound doesn’t necessarily mean powerful or loud, it also means stylishly impactful. Does Harman Kardon Nova make the cut?
If your eyes are a window to your soul, it is your ears that connect you to it. Say hello to an age where connection does not necessarily mean physical. Where wireless is the way to go, and extended can only relate to bass response, the Harman Kardon family gives birth to the futuristic looking Nova speakers.
Designed for beauty and performance, the Harman Kardon Nova has been developed with attention to the smallest details of acoustics and materials. From the seamless, see-through enclosure that exposes the brilliant woofers and drivers, every detail of the Nova demands a second look of sincere appreciation. Watch and nod as the body of each speaker is made with transparent and good quality plastic so you can peek at the whirlpool like inners while a small circular rubber stand is built into the bottom of each enclosure to stabilize it.
The clear plastic and a classy black shade give it a tasteful look, making sue they look like a perfect accessory for any living room interior, whether colorful or adorned in monochromatic colours. Being small, desktop speakers, they won’t demand too much space. Hitting high on the style quotient, this one should make it to your Christmas list.
Think of the Harman Kardon Nova as your all-in-one home audio solution. Compatible with nearly any sound delivery device, using an analog 3.5 mm connector to connect to computers, smart phones, tablets, or stereo equipment, it also offers seamless optical connectivity with televisions, Apple TV, or a Roku Box. It comes with Bluetooth wireless with NFC so you can pair it to your smartphone, computer or table with no cables needed. What a boon! I literally just activated the Bluetooth on the speakers, searched for it on my phone and voila! There was love at first connection between the two as I joined in on an acoustic version of my favourite song which sounded amazing on this speaker system.
Point out your finger as this model has capacitive touch controls for Power, Volume, audio sources, and a Bass Boost mode that sits on the top edge of the right speaker’s front panel. The Volume control also works with your Bluetooth source’s volume, so while in the middle of your favourite jig, be sure to amp up the volume on your phone from the middle of the room!
While the Nova speakers sound phenomenal for their size and can get quite loud for an average sized room, don’t get too disappointed as there is some distortion when the volume hits maximum. Having said that, the clarity and detailing of sound is what makes this a good piece to invest in.
Get set and rock those table tops!