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I-Club at InterContinental Chicago – Wholesome Fitness

Debuting its new pool area, I-Club at InterContinental Chicago offers more than just swimming waters. With everything taken care of, from food to personal training, health conscious patrons have a new indulging venue to flex their muscles.

LF Says: ★★★.5

InterContinental Club Entrance

As a fitness enthusiast, I know there is nothing more important than a holistic environment for one’s fitness regime. However, who said luxury could not be a part of the environment? So when the invitation to explore InterContinental Hotel’s new I-club in Chicago came my way, I jumped at the opportunity.

With a brand new pool space, the hotel packs on the options for its guests and members to stay active. The pool is divided into lanes, for free swimming and laps. Whether one is improving their cardiovascular resistance or jumping in to relax after a long day, the open space will help you relax and focus on you.

InterContinental Club Pool

With a grand and open aesthetic, the pool is surrounded by stained glass windows, which allow for a view of the city. Despite the city being so close, the pool has more of a tropic atmosphere with its high ceiling, white pillars and gazebo model. You can easily picture yourself somewhere warm and exotic, not nestled on a busy city block! Furthermore, the pool deck houses chairs and tables – lit by candlelight – so that guests may enjoy their food and drinks without having to leave the welcoming and warm atmosphere of the pool room. With all these features cushioning the pool alone, the I-Club showcases that fitness does not have to be boring.
The food, all crafted by chefs from the hotel, also caters to strict health and wellness standards. The cocktails are skinny, and the appetizers are light and fresh. From fresh tomato and mozzarella, watermelon and feta to grilled chicken skewers, the appetizers served at the kick-off were light and nutritious. The main course dishes offered were also true to the health theme, with the caloric content listed next to them, for those watching their waist line. With appropriate portion sizes already laid out, it takes the guess work out of eating healthy while there.

In a considerate way, the I-Club ensures that their food will not ruin all the hard work you put into your workouts. At the kick-off this principal was adhered to with a trio of mashed potatoes that featured sweet potatoes instead of its more caloric cousin, a Quinoa & Feta Summer salad, and Hawaiian Tuna Poke with vegetables and Sriracha sauce. With none of the dishes at the kickoff lacking in taste, I-Club offers more options of similar dishes as those I tasted on their Eno menu, such as a Green Market Salad or a Steak Tartar.

InterContinental Club Gym

Moving onto the serious substance of the club, the hotel has recently hired a personal trainer, Mr. Chris, who will be working with guests and members. He demonstrated his favorite moves during the kick off, which will be part of his workouts for clients, such as burpees and lunges, which work the overall body, not just parts of it. The workout facilities featured treadmills and cross trainers for intense cardio on the lower level, and free weights on the upper level for those who prefer it.

For those who feel their sore muscles could use a little extra care, the I-Club also houses a spa that features treatments such as aromatherapy, a sugar honey polish, a classic Swedish massage or a Stone massage. Having experienced a full body massage at I-Club, I can say it will help loosen up tight muscles, as they broke up the knots in my legs from running. If those do not catch your fancy, there is also a Sauna to help cleanse pores after a vigorous sweat session.

Although these facilities are free for guests, the I-Club has memberships are available. Each I-Club membership comes with certain perks with the membership tiers being three month membership (USD 375), six month membership (USD 600), and the year-long membership (1,100 USD).

Facilities at the I-Club at InterContinental Chicago are more than just your average hotel gym facilities. The I-Club offers the ability to stick to goals even while on vacation, and a more luxurious space for those tired of the typical gym atmosphere. Either member or guest, the I-Club’s commitment to health is obvious, with features designed for guests to get the most out of their workouts, and everything one could need to stay on track and crush their fitness goals.

LF Says: ★★★.5

Coordinates: 505 North Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois