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In conversation with Titan’s Revathi Kant: What lies in store for the Indian jewellery consumer post the pandemic?

With the world going topsy-turvy during the pandemic, heads of luxury brands are analysing the industry with a different perspective. Revathi Kant of Titan shares some of those perspectives via a video interview

‘Unprecedented’, ‘unpredictable’ are just some of the words that have been associated with luxury trends and forecasts since the pandemic began. But what lies in store for the future of luxury jewellery, and especially in the Indian context?

Tanishq necklace

In conversation with Ms. Revathi Kant, the Chief Design Officer for Titan Company Ltd, we talk about how the pandemic has influenced the design philosophy of Tanishq and how changing consumer behaviours may bring new opportunities for brands like Zoya.

Talking more about being ‘vocal for local’, we further explore consumer driven design sensitivity and sustainable design sensibility, both of which have been the driving force for the growth of the luxury jewellery brands under Titan. Ms. Kant gives us an insight into what drives design at Tanishq and how the pandemic has presented new opportunities in terms of transitions in consumer spending and minimalism.

Minimalist diamond earrings

Ms. Kant heads the Design Excellence Centre, which is the Titan Company’s design arm, with over 15 years of experience in the application of design thinking in different domains. She strongly advises designers to understand their working ecosystems and make the effort to identify, understand and empathise with the processes and people that are a part of those ecosystems; for they are critical for not just growth but also design success. 

Watch this video interview with Ms. Kant for further insights into these topics.