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Indian jewelry brand Studio Renn launches international e-commerce presence

Known for its eclectic design sensibility, the brand has also released its new collection (An)otherness

Studio Renn ring

Bleeding Tooth Sapphire Ring by Studio Renn

February 19, 2021: Studio Renn, a proud Bombay-based jewelry design house, is offering its curious, atypical jewelry pieces globally with a new e-commerce platform

"The pandemic gave us the opportunity to fast-track our international roll-out – to go out beyond our borders and showcase our work to a wider audience," says Rahul Jhaveri, founder of Studio Renn. 

Studio Renn earring
Gemstone Puffball Sapphire Earrings by Studio Renn

True to the name Renn, which means rebirth, the Studio explores concepts and perspectives, realizing abstract ideas and feelings through fine jewelry. The design practice pursues development of jewelry as precious wearables that are beautifully imperfect.

Offered on the e-commerce platform is Studio Renn’s new collection – (An)otherness – which is inspired by a series of sketches, made for the Studio by contemporary artist Prashant Salvi.

Studio Renn ring

Boletus Sp Three Finger Ring by Studio Renn

Shadows, airgaps, volume and textures are used with finesse to lend life to the design. Diamonds, precious stones, gold and concrete merge and contrast to explore infinite possibilities. While the design probes tactile sensibilities and atrophy, reverse-set and hidden gemstones and asymmetric arrangements contemplate materials and techniques.

The collection in Volume I focuses on unheated Burmese ruby cabochons, Burmese sapphires and diamonds set in 18k white, yellow and rose gold with blackened and high-gloss finishes. Volume I, comprising 28 pieces, includes earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants, brooches, and collar clips.

Studio Renn collar clip

Boletus Sp Collar Clip by Studio Renn

The new e-commerce platform showcases the Studio’s unique vocabulary and universe to an international clientele. “The virtual store is a platform for us to share our work and show who we are. It is meant to tear down boundaries that were never really there, and to have our voices heard from afar,” explains Mr. Jhaveri.