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Levo – Food for the Soul

Introducing a new way to satiate the soul, the name is Levo. What is it about? Read on

Introducing a new way to satiate the soul, the name is Levo. What is it about? Read on

If elevation for the soul is in your "things I want" list for today, you know as well as I do that it’s something that will take a couple of years, or maybe more. Maybe a visit to the spa may make you feel better for a few hours. But a recent discovery on my part led me to discover a place that will elevate the soul – in terms of its food offerings. Latin for elevate, ‘Levo’, the new offering by Vertical Hotels and Resorts LLP, is set to raise the standards of fine dining in Mumbai.

The Levo experience takes it chance at exemplifying a fine dine experience and hits the nail on the head with perfect food that will tantalise your buds and reinvent the concept of food. Serving global European cuisine, the dishes are cooked with the freshest ingredients handpicked by the head chef and the sous chefs ensuring that the flavour of each ingredient complements the other without any overpowering taste.

Spread across a colossal area of over 20,000 square feet, this restaurant is set to win hearts with its soulful delights that are served with an exotic collection of alcohol and wines. Speaking about his dream venture, executive chef and a warm gentleman, Mr. Rajeev Arora, said, “Here at Levo, we want to deliver a fine dining experience like none other in the city. Our patrons will see strong influences from across the European continent [in the menu] while we invite you to embark upon a journey here at Levo.”

Nestled in Andheri, the team feels that it was a perfect location for a venture like Levo as it houses four basic elements: sense of space, desired customer segment, ample of parking space, and accessibility and visibility. How that fared with the team at LuxuryFacts, I am quite sure you have guessed.

One ticket to heaven, please
The menu at Levo boasts of delicacies served from across the continent such as Lamb Navarin from France, Stroganoff from Russia and pizzas from the Mediterranean region. What I like is the response that it has elicited just with visual and written imagery. Whetting the appetite just by glancing through the menu, Levo offers delectable palate twisters like goat cheese flat bread and creamy garlic Sambuca prawns amongst a good list. For those who enjoy meals that are simple to eat, Chef Rajeev recommends dishes under the ‘Food for Soul’ section. These are simple dishes served to look like a concert on plate such as the Coq au vin which is chicken in red wine served with baby onions, mushrooms and salt pork served with potatoes, or the Chicken cordon bleu which is stuffed with ham and Swiss cheese.

Starting with the drinks, I was told that the bar boasts of a huge collection of liquor ranging from international brands like Dom Perignon, Castello Banfi Brunello di Montalcino to a collection of whiskey, scotch, beer and liqueurs. Unfortunately, however, they are still awaiting a liquor licence without which it becomes impossible for guests to enjoy any of these beauties. Instead I went with a Levo cooler which has celery, ginger and litchi juice – though refreshing, it can be a tad bit too sweet attributed to the litchi.

Coming back to the food, you will agree that it is true passion that will excite you as a diner more than anything else, and that’s where Chef Rajeev and his team win hearts. “Most of the dishes on the Levo menu are from my journey of cooking experiences around the world. The section called ‘soul food’ reflects my style of cooking and will make a difference in the dining experience,” explained Chef Rajeev on his inspiration for his food. Keep in mind that your dishes will taste as lovely as they look because Chef Rajeev believes that people eat from their eyes first and then finish their plate, provided it matches expectations of taste!

Soon I ordered the Wild Mushroom Fricassee – Saute with Champagne vinegar served on crispy brioche which appealed on all senses – visual, olfactory and taste! The crispy handmade brioche was beautifully textured and crunchy with the mushroom being the creamiest and a cheese lover’s delight! The Serrano chilli chicken, served with chilli glace, scallion and crispy pancake julienne, was a winner with the perfect punch of flavours while the Sambuca Prawn – creamy garlic prawns, flambeed with sambuca – had my companion on the edge of his seat with the surprise element of Sambuca, an Italian liquer, in something so basic as prawns!

Dial E for elevation
They are proud of the fact that they are particular about their raw materials selection and use classic methods of cooking with freshest local produce. Moving on to the main course, my companion and me decided to share a pizza (due to lack of room in the stomach, while making a mental note to return to sample the other delicious looking food). Being a vegetarian, I requested for a goat cheese, American corn and caramelised onion pizza which brought out the teenager in me as I swiped the four slices in less than five minutes. The other half consisted of BBQ chicken with sauteed onions and scarmoza cheese, but before I could wait to analyse it, the thin crust slices had vanished into thin air. Last but not the least, opt for the Roasted bell pepper crepe, made with baby spinach and goat cheese cream. These tiny portions will satiate any possible midnight cravings, but ask them to ensure it is well heated or the goat cheese may clump up inside the crepe. Feel free to top it up with some black pepper, as I found this dish a little too bland for my liking, but be assured that the combination of goat cheese and spinach is a winner.

Literally not having any more space left, the team refused to let us go without sampling any desserts, which I now personally thank them for. The Chef’s creation of fresh ice creams are a must try for dessert lovers. Innovative flavours like black pepper, watermelon, Ferrari chili and many more add the Levo touch and are perfect happy ending to a delicious meal. The health conscious can go with the Ricotta cheese cake, New York style, served with berry compote. Chocolate Decadence is a chocolate lover’s haven and is a winner with almost everyone due to its heavy leanings towards sweet cocoa. You can also try the Basil Panna Cotta, served with raspberry sorbet and olive compote (eggless) – a brilliant burst of flavour in your mouth and quite new from anything else available in the city.

All in all, Levo invites you to revel in a grand dining experience while representing the flavours of Europe and enjoying a meal served with the purpose to deliver an experience that will spoil you for all others!

Coordinates: Levo Restaurant & Lounge, Mukti Business Park, Ground Floor, B Wing, 141-A Model Town, Andheri West, Mumbai, India