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Nabhi Sutra – Wellness from the Centre of our Being

Wellness is an important concept. And more than ever, our choices for a holistic approach in life has increased in abundance. We are constantly exploring options that are ecofriendly, cruelty-free, vegan, organic, chemical-free, sustainable, and everything in-between, satisfying our definition of having ‘green’ or ‘nature-inspired’ products on our shelves. Nabhi Sutra fits this description.

LF Says: ★★★

An ancient science dating back over five millennia has found its rebirth in this fast-changing 21st-century world. Having been on the constant lookout for products and compositions that herald an organic, natural and chemical-free world, Nabhi Sutra Oils can work wonders with just a few drops on one’s navel. 

Nabhi Sutra products

The most interesting factor of Nabhi Sutra lies in the concept of Navel Therapy – a hidden ayurvedic gem that has been recently doing rounds for detoxifying, nurturing, and treating ailments in the body. Founded by Swati Vakharia, the Ayurvedic belly button oil uses only premium and nature-based products that have therapeutic values, including Ayurveda Siddha and cold-pressed oil. 

“As I entered a new and exciting phase of my life – motherhood, I realised that there are a lot of challenges that a newborn and a new mother face. Similarly, a new mother having gone through significant physical and emotional change also encounter health problems. I for one had severe hair loss during my initial phase of motherhood. This change forced me to find compatible solutions to health issues faced by me and my child. Researching for these solutions I came across ‘nabhi chikitsa’ an Ayurvedic treatment practice which seemed very effective, but somehow not popular. To get a better understanding of this fascinating method, I consulted Dr Nikunj Mewada, MD Ayurveda. He not only helped me understand the concept better but we together developed formulations for me and my child. The results of those oils were astonishing, convincing me that if I need these oils there must be many others like me,” says Ms. Vakharia. 

Experiencing Ayurveda

Being a Gen-Z, the impression of Nabhi Sutra’s unique ‘Pechoti Method’, where herbal oils are massaged into one’s navel to help revive one’s health conditions seemed very interesting. Ayurveda has been called as the ‘Mother of All Healing’ where the core of our body is naval – the source of our complete consciousness. 

Swati Vakharia Nabhi Sutra

Packed in earthy-hued toned boxes, I tried two of their products – Healthy Hair Care and Sensational Skin Care. Contained in glass bottles, their packaging seems to concoct two different times and cultures together along with paving the way for environment-friendly packaging. Every product comes with a little handbook that informs you about the Vedic culture and tells you some Ayurveda facts. 

Based on ancient techniques, the results may take longer than the ones based on modern methods. Hence, being patient is the key here, after all, ‘good things come to those who wait’. Ms. Vakharia explains, “Actually, Ayurveda is all about precautionary measures. And precaution is better than cure. It is slower but it is effective. It gives you the power to deal with the issue from within. When it comes to Nabhi Sutra, it is not about replacing the medicinal need, but it is about dealing with your phase where you can avoid reaching to the next phase of medicinal treatments. You can cure before time and make yourself healthy from the roots.”

For a positive effect on the body, it can take some time ranging from 21 days to 3 months. It’s advisable to use these oils for longer periods. Applying 2-3 drops of only one kind of oil at one time is advisable. It is recommended to make it a part of one’s daily routine and use it at night before your beauty sleep. Its goodness penetrates deep within the pores, enhancing the healing process while the body rests. Having used their products diligently for the last two weeks, I am yet to see positive results. Even then, there is certainly no harm that can come from using Ayurvedic oils.

The Healthy Hair Care Oil has a shiny-light texture and a soothing scent owing to its ingredients: fennel seeds and almonds. It helps in strengthening hair, nourishing and cleansing the scalp.  The Sensational Skincare Oil has a fruity smell owing to the presence of lemon and olives which removes dark circles, makes skin soft and supple and even eliminates signs of pigmentation. 

Nabhi Sutra Acne Control oil

For such ayurvedic oils to deliver results, having a sound trait of patience is a necessity. It may take time for the positive effects based on the different body types and level of health issues. 

Unwinding Nabhi Sutra

Nabhi Sutra works from the one spot of the body that connects to almost 72,000 veins. In fact, Puranas entitle our navel as our body’s second brain. Ms. Vakharia also states, “We always use high quality of therapeutic oils and cold-pressed oils which are high in nutrient values. One cannot get such oils easily in the retail market and that helps us to bring solutions to the issues customers are facing. To reach the next level, we are moving towards farming also to achieve a higher level of seeds quality.” 

Starting a beauty and wellness brand on her own terms, she remarks on her journey of entrepreneurship: “I took the advantage of social media marketing to make people aware about Nabhi Sutra and I eagerly waited for feedbacks. I felt successful when I started getting positive feedback from our customers. The other challenge was to get genuine and quality raw material from the market. With much research and studies, we were able to find the right raw material suppliers. Now we have even started looking at the prospect of growing our own raw material so that we have complete control over the quality and can ensure best products for our patrons.” 

Nabhi Sutra’s products cater to the needs of all adults and kids. Retailed at an affordable price, Nabhi Sutra offers other products such as acne control, joint-pain remedy, menstrual pain relief and brain development (for kids). Offering curated ‘bottles of care’, the brand manages to meet our holistic needs by adding a small habit to our daily routine. 

Nabhi Sutra ayurveda oils

The beauty industry has come a long way with the incorporation of technology, organic constituents, medicinal and traditional practices, and so on. With the COVID-19 pandemic, our choices and decisions have changed leading to a more ‘conscious’ thought process. Ms. Vakharia adds, “COVID has changed the scenario. This has made a huge impact on the spending capacity of people for beauty niche mainly. With the help of e-commerce systems and third-party platforms, we have built a system where we could survive and sustain well to serve people throughout.” 

It is interesting to look back at our Vedic culture and practice this 5000-year old holistic and all-encompassing wellness system. In our time-constrained, deadline-oriented society, these tokens of all-natural combinations can aid us in our skincare practices. With the dawn of a new era, it would be quite fascinating to witness and feel the growing power of Ayurvedic research. 

LF Says: ★★★

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