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Paul Smith – Fine Art, Fashion & Furniture

Paul Smith has it all in its latest peculiar collection inspired by artist Henry Moore and its furniture shop which houses artistic pieces scoured from world over!

Paul Smith stoles fashion collectionOut of all the unique menswear brands out there, Paul Smith is one of them as well, as it perfectly knows how to mix elegant pieces of men’s tailoring with little quirks.

The brand, however, leans more towards the elegant, safe side. That’s why the Henry Moore collection by Paul Smith charmed and delighted us to the core!

Created in collaboration with The Henry Moore Foundation, the chance to create this collection provided Paul Smith with unprecedented access to Moore’s remarkable graphics, drawings and sculpture archive. For those who don’t know, Henry Moore was a highly esteemed English sculptor and artist, best known for his iconic abstract bronze sculptures and monumental forms.

Art has been inspiring many brands now and they have started patronizing artistic organizations and foundations. Two prime examples, we think, are Tod’s and Gucci. Paul Smith’s Henry Moore collection, however, chose an eclectic artist, who gave a new definition to the brand Paul Smith itself.

Reinterpretations of Henry Moore’s aesthetics, his original artworks have been used across the collection, to create a diverse fusion of patterns and textures. Paul Smith, who was always a fan of the artist, was honoured to be the first contemporary designer to be allowed to make use of Moore’s drawings. “I was most privileged to visit the Henry Moore archive to select the drawings I wanted to use,” said Paul Smith.

Paul Smith wallet fashion collectionIncluding a selection for women as well, the collection features painterly shapes, abstract textures and standing figure prints across garments. A men’s tailored wool blazer hides a printed silk lining while a women’s gathered jersey dress is adorned with sweeping illustration. The artwork is, in some cases, overlapped and manipulated to large scale proportions.

In accessories, a square silk scarf is screen printed with figure etchings. A gentlemen’s leather billfold wallet reveals a contrasting interior. The collection also acknowledges Moore’s use of organic colour and definitive tone – a palette of bronze, bark and graphite is highlighted by deep red and ochre.

The quirks don’t end here though. How many of you have heard of Paul Smith’s unique furniture shop? When the shop opened in October 2005, Paul Smith said, “I have been a collector of ‘things’ for years and am very excited to have finally found a shop for these wonderful, individual pieces. The new shop will be an odd mix, but that will make it utterly exciting all the time” Paul Smith

Paul Smith fashion interior collectionThe shop houses a rich and varied selection of original and unique antiques, objects, art and curiosities sourced from around the world. Situated on the corner of Albemarle and Stafford Street, just off Bond Street, Paul Smith strategically placed the store in a historical but increasingly dynamic area.

The shop consists of two rooms, each of which is entirely individual in look and style. Employ all your senses to differentiate between each piece of furniture. Organised in a stylish, yet fun way, you will surely feel like the lost Alice who set her foot in Wonderland.

Not just furniture, art, jewellery and curios also find a space in this funky shop. With its distressed plaster and papered walls like the inside of a crate, nails are dotted over the walls, displaying, for example, anything from a 17th century ornate mirror to a 60s couture necklace or a collection of 40s Domus magazines.

The décor of the shop keeps constantly changing with unexpected combination of treasures. While some are original, others are given a new lease of life with a Paul Smith twist. But be sure that all items on sale are unique – one of their kinds – just as the coloured stripe pattern of Paul Smith.