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Richfeel Spa – Fixing that Body Hangover

Want a cure to rejuvenate your body after a hectic 2011? Head to Richfeel Spa for a head to toe detoxifying treatment!
Want a cure to rejuvenate your body after a hectic 2011? Head to Richfeel Spa for a head to toe detoxifying treatment!
It is that time of the year again when you welcome a new set of 365 days. December has been a beautiful month what with the endless parties, conversations, dancing and, of course, drinks, but once January comes, what do you do to snap back into reality? An article on said, and I quote “A nasty hangover is Mother Nature’s way of telling you: ‘I thought I told you not to drink too much! Now you’re going to pay’.” True. Pay with those notes for the ideal detox therapy at Richfeel Spa and then Mother Nature will thank you because of the serenity you will radiate into the world. 
A new start
A full body dry massage with reflexology on the thighs, back, hands and scalp is perfect for those who need an amendment from the normal oil body massages. Dr Sonal Shah from Richfeel Spa says, “Reflexology is a science that deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body.” Let your journey begin by filling out a few details at their seating area which adjoins a station where your feet are washed for hygiene purposes if your treatment includes any work on your feet. In case your luck is bad and the water coming from the stations is not clean, they will cleanse your feet with hot towels just to disinfect – it really feels great! Let your shoes be stored away by your therapist and slip into comfortable slippers so that once you are inside the treatment area the other guests aren’t disturbed and snapped out of their peace by the tip-top of your shoes.
Unwind into a relax chair that becomes an almost reclined flat bed in a matter of seconds while you sip on some cool mineral water or herbal tea. Guests are also given the option of an eye pad, but if you are a restless soul like me, you will let it pass. Shut your eyes as you are drawn into serenity with nature’s sounds like birds chirping and water falling and do not resist the urge to be drawn into another world, which is much more peaceful, of course. The warm and helpful staff adds a lot to the perfect experience. Simmering candles in niches and tiny, twinkling lights in a blue coloured ceiling gives you the impression that you are relaxing under the midnight sky.
Head to toe
The procedure starts off with foot reflexology and you will feel the difference as particular points on your feet are applied pressure to. Tell your therapist if the pressure is too much for you to handle and she will be quick to tailor the pressure to your preferences. A light cream massage follows this and is finished off with powder to dry up the cream. I would highly recommend shutting your eyes and concentrate as every inch of your body is worked upon and relaxed.
Once your feet feel like, well, relaxed feet, you might snap out of your stupor as she lifts your arm and starts massaging your shoulder. Feel your body ease up as your entire arm is worked upon, even your fingers and nails! As hard as it may seem, you must leave your precious throne and sweet dreams as your therapist guides you to a small seating so she can get to work on your entire back. Exhale as she straightens out your spinal cord and kneads out any tensions and stress as you shut your eyes and concentrate on the sounds around you. Once she reaches your hair and scalp, you can start to feel bad for yourself as you know that your treatment is coming to an end. Let yourself loose as your therapist stretches you out for a few minutes as you begin to feel lethargic (and with good reason) after such a relaxing treatment.
Dr Shah also added that sleep deprivation was a major cause of stress and low activity after a hectic party season in December. Reflexology therapy, thus, helps greatly in relaxing and rejuvenating senses. As if you need motivation and reason to experience this perfect therapy, other benefits of reflexology range from relaxation, pain reduction, rejuvenation of tired feet, improvement in blood flow, stress and tension relief,  improved blood supply, unblocking of nerve impulses and maintaining homeostasis (the process of keeping the body balanced and stable)!
If this treatment is not for you, the spa has other special Detox massages that are available for full body, back and foot and use techniques such as crystal therapy which helps in flushing out toxins from the body. “Massaging with crystals combines the relaxing benefits of massage with the healing vibrations of crystals and can give an experience that relaxes and balances the whole body. Crystals also help in removing negative energy,” added Dr Shah. She continued, “I personally experience a detox therapy once a week as it effectively gets the body rid of toxins that may have gathered in your body over the years and also improves your immunity with disease fighting capacity.” The result? A healthy life!
People say that prevention is better than cure, but no one said that prevention would be this easy and peaceful! And for those using this therapy as a cure, this is one treatment you will really take pleasure in!
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