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Samant Chauhan – Earthy Inspiration, Storytelling Design

Elegant, luxurious and memorial designs are a rare combination to find. Staying true to one’s roots is something Delhi-based designer Samant Chauhan knows best. Going through a success drive, the designer has launched his second flagship store in Mumbai

Indian fashion designer Samant Chauhan“Luxury is something very exclusive, that you can pass down your generation. I want to create a legacy,” said Indian fashion designer, Samant Chauhan. Mr. Chauhan started out in the fashion industry in 2006. He presented an award winning show at the Singapore Fashion Week in 2007 and later at the London Fashion Week. In 2009, he was awarded the Young Entrepreneur Award by the British Council. And now, we met him in Mumbai on the occasion of opening of his new store in the maximum city.

Throughout his career, Mr. Chauhan has been true to his roots. All his garments are made in Bhagalpur, his hometown. His designs are elegant, opulent and timeless. His creations might seem simple from afar, but the amount of attention to detail is exemplary.

He also believes in creating the fashion business as a sustainable venture, while creating stable employment. Having said that, he also is a very experimental with his collections. “The most difficult part is to create a collection that is the core of our brand as well as something unique. I believe in telling stories. All my collections are my interpretation of the theme. I try to do things as different as possible,” says Mr. Chauhan.

Fashion designer Samant Chauhan Mumbai store India

Mr. Chauhan’s collections have always been a reflection of his personality. When he first started off his career, he experimented in every direction he could. Some of his best collections were the ‘Kamasutra collection’ and the ‘Indian Railways collection’.

Mr. Chauhan might be one of the very few creators who would take up a topic which is considered taboo in a country like India. The Kamasutra collection was something he wanted to do for a long time but couldn’t. When he became an independent designer, he decided to take the plunge. The Railway collection, on the other hand, was the depiction of his love for the mode of transport. His collections are diverse and illustrated, but they also possess bits and pieces of his hometown. You’ll always find references to Bhagalpur in his creations.

Samant Chauhan Do not Allow me To Forget You collectionAs glamourous as it is, fashion is one of the most unpredictable businesses to be in as well. The ever-changing dynamics and demographics make it difficult to create a highlight or your mark. I was sitting with Mr. Chauhan in his new Mumbai store, one day prior to the official opening event, where he was giving me fashion knowledge, while simultaneously working on adding finish touches to his store. As if on cue, Mr. Chauhan advises, “Creating something unique will help you sustain. Following a trend will make short run profit. After that you’ll be forgotten.”

Since stories inspire Mr. Chauhan’s indelible brand of fashion, the creation of his Mumbai store also has a story behind it. “I was staying in the Taj [in Mumbai] for a show a few years back. That is when I saw the Roosevelt House and completely fell in love with it. The building is built by Jamshedji Tata and the bummer teak adds to the aesthetic. It was then I decided, if and when I have a store in Mumbai, it would be here,” he reminisces.

The store is a classic depiction of grace and modishness. The interior is luxurious yet familiar and comforting. The teakwood and brickwork make the environs understated, highlighting the apparel with subtle attention. The store is situated at one of the most prominent and expensive places in Colaba, Mumbai which just adds more shine to the store.

Indian designer Samant Chauhan Mumbai collectionExemplifying this opening, Mr. Chauhan also launched his “Do Not Allow Me To Forget You” collection that is a trip down the memory lane, displaying Mr. Chauhan’s memories of the magical city of Mumbai. The Delhi-based designer was beyond awe with the city and the vibe. He expressed his fascination towards the pace of life, the never-dying attitude of the people and the nurturing warmness. “It [the collection] is my interpretation of Bombay. How do you depict nostalgia? You use pastels. The collection is my memories of the city.” Mumbai is known as the City of Dreams. Throughout the collection one can identify the aspects and minute details.

As Mr. Chauhan mentioned, the collections is all pastels. Some blinding glitters personify the glitz and glamour of the city, while some with flowy silhouettes showcase the water-like nature of the people of Mumbai, The embroidery on the garments is intricate yet classic. The pieces are bold and beautiful. The designer has indeed imbibed the essence of the city and personified it beautifully through design.