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Size Zero Watches – Thinning Down

Those large and thick dial watches do make you look as if you know your mechanisms, But is there another way to make an impression in a classier way? You should probably look at thin watches and give your wrists some relief…

Those large and think dial watches do make you look as if you know your mechanisms. But is there another way to make an impression in a classier way? You should probably look at thin watches and give your wrists some relief…

Have you noticed how luxury watch manufacturers are spending more time in the factories and working hard to come out with the thinnest watch possible? Each is launching a slimmer, classier and more complex version than the previous.

A Lange & Sohne, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Piaget, Vacheron Constantin – all are a part of the bandwagon. But what is it that attracts watch manufacturers and collectors to this size? We turned to two of the best timepiece creators to find the answers.

Mr Tarun Sharma, Country Head, Jaeger-LeCoultre points out the change in trend – “Watch industry is seeing a trend shift from casual, big sporty look and going back to elegant, thin classic look. Our collection of Ultra Thin Reverso and Ultra Thin Master Control Moon Face is in line with the trend.”

A Lange & Sohne’s Saxonia Thin is another example of this small size which is making quite some waves in the market. Mr Matthieu Dupont, Regional Brand Manager – Middle East & India, A Lange & Sohne, outlines the challenge of creating such a thin timepiece – “It [Saxonia Thin] is the thinnest timepiece we have ever made. The challenge was to keep all the elements that make every Lange timepiece an example of performance and precision.”

Owing to its smaller size, the watch is more comfortable, and is therefore a better option than burdening your wrists with large cases with all those features which you might not actually require. Both our experts agree. “Yes, ultra thin watches are much lighter, elegant and classic in look and compliment formal look very well. For example, to ensure optimal comfort, the designers of Reverso have made it ultra-thin (at just 7.2 mm thick), light and gently curved to mould the feminine wrist,” says Mr Sharma.

Mr Dupont also echoes the same thoughts, “The new Saxonia Thin is light, thin and very comfortable to wear on a daily basis. Despite its thin case and pure design displaying only the hours and minutes, the watch possesses all the elements of a true and exclusive Lange timepiece.”

Indians are slowly learning to distinguish between mechanisms and starting to yearn for highly complicated watches. Are they actually accepting these simpler watches at a time when they would rather flaunt their money and knowledge? “Elegance isn’t about needing to make a fashion statement with an oversized watch. India is no exception. Our clients appreciate smaller case sizes rather than oversized watches, among other elements, when making their choice. Technically, the Saxonia Thin is cased in a 40 mm pink gold case and transparent case back, with a unique mechanical three-day power reserve, never seen on a thin watch,” said Mr Dupont.

Mr Sharma also sees a similar trend and opines that it’s here to stay – “Our classic Reverso and Master Control range of watches have always been popular with Indian market, and therefore we are getting a great response. This trend is going to stay for a while we feel, which makes us even more hopeful about our new ultra thin collection.”

Piaget’s Altiplano Skeleton also dispels the myth that thin watches don’t have good mechanisms. This ultra-thin watch has creative interpretations of the finest horological complications with the mechanism being improved year-on-year!
So if you prefer to keep your style subtle with minimal pomp and show, these ultra-thin watches are perfect for you!