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Stefano Ricci’s 2016 Home collection offers floral designs & multicolor hues

Stefano Ricci’s 2016 Home collection is defined by floral designs and multicolor hues

Stefano Ricci 2016 Home Decor collection with gold foilSeptember 9, 2016: The 2016 home collection of the Florentine fashion house, Stefano Ricci, is characterized by floral designs inspired by Sandro Botticelli and lapis lazuli hues that transmute porcelain into a triumph of colours, accented with hand-painted gold trims.

Made in 14kt gold with two types of pure platinum (matte and shiny) and precious bone china, their dinner service is the fruit of careful design and calligraphic manual work.

Stefano Ricci 2016 Home Decor collection with gold foil

The Lapis Lazuli decoration features a modern impact with its blue colour, marbling and gold details. The service is made of the finest porcelain in the Classic form. In order to represent the lively colours of the precious stones, the decorations are printed on a special foil and fused at a temperature of 800°C; with this process the colour appears brighter and is more resistant to wear. In a second processing phase the products are enriched with gold and platinum details and the SR logo, fused at around 600°C.

Stefano Ricci 2016 Home Decor collection with gold foilThe collection also includes two models of chopsticks. The first is in ebony and silver, worked entirely by hand and bearing the company’s symbol – the golden eagle – in relief, while a second, more elaborate version is entirely made of 925 sterling silver.

The Princess collection, so called because the stem (rigorously hand-ground), is made with customizable hand blown crystal and is designed as a tribute to the refined diamond cut.

Their signature series of collection animals is also expanded with the Fish and Rhino versions in porcelain decorated and embellished with gold and platinum.