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The Demand for Wellness: Experiencing Club Prana at Hyatt Regency Kolkata

This whole lockdown experience has made us aware of the dire need to relax your system. Hyatt Regency’s Club Prana notches the holistic rejuvenation experience by also making sure that your mind is at ease as you see them practice safety protocols

LF Says: ★★★★

More than ever, the concepts of wellness, holistic well-being and rejuvenation are the center of discussion today. The hospitality industry in India had also seen a renewed interest in recent times. The industry, where touch and physical contact is the basis of the experience, is going through an aggressive shift in the way how things are looked at in the new normal. 

Club Prana spa Kolkata

After this long trauma, people are now more than ready than ever to indulge in feel-good experiences that are rejuvenating or detoxifying in nature. And, breaking the monotony, wellness centres are coming up with advanced techniques that merge ayurvedic brilliance with modern wellness ethos. 

With that said, Hyatt Regency Kolkata’s Club Prana takes care of your wellbeing by connecting passionate practitioners with committed guests. Their wellness and fitness club’s plush amenities include a state-of-the-art fitness centre, steam room, sauna, whirlpool bath, chill pool, and outdoor swimming pool. The Club offers relaxing services including massages, body wraps, and facials. Considering all these factors, Club Prana is a beautiful example of wellness and holistic living integrated in one, the demand for which would only multiply in over the years to come.

Club Prana is equipped with seven private suites and a deluxe couple’s suite to indulge in a relaxing ambience. You can see a blend of traditional and minimal earthy tones used throughout the centre with soft soulful music playing around to create a holistically healthy and peaceful environment. The therapists infuse ancient ayurvedic procedures by using herbal and natural oils to relax your senses. The mindfully crafted place ensures that one can lead a healthy lifestyle for one’s mind and body through holistic wellness and sustained lifestyle access.

Experiencing Club Prana

Although there are numerous types of massages, facials, treatments and body scrubs to choose from, the main highlight would be how each of these sessions is curated to suit the requirements of each guest. My mind and body, after being bogged down by months of constant WFH sessions, was craving for a decent massage. And it would be no less of an exaggeration to say that you actually find your senses relaxed by their well-trained, well-equipped masseur.

There is a visible trend developing of people wanting to combine lifestyle management and wellness with their weekend getaways and vacations – especially as WFH continues to rule workplace management.

Club Prana, set in a high-notched urban space, has a beautifully created natural green space that soothes your eyes and fills you with tranquility from within. The entire space is designed to let natural sunlight fall in to create a positive and vibrant environment. The decor involves muted tones highlighted by warm, golden wood accents that create a visual balance. You will find yourself relaxed by the interiors and the zeal to truly destress.

Upon entering the spa, you are greeted in the guests’ lounge and told to fill out a Covid-19 form where you state if you’re having any of the symptoms or not. Second, you fill out a form with concerns, caution areas, allergies and medical history. Based on the information, the experts tell you to choose your option from the available massages. You can also choose the area where you need more pressure as you customise the treatment. I opted for Club Prana’s Signature Massage. It is a combination of Swedish and Thai massage that improves flexibility and blood circulation. It eases knotted nerves and restores the energy flow – something which I really required after spending insanely long hours with the laptop. 

Every therapy room in the spa is equipped with a private shower, changing and guest locker area to ensure you have complete privacy and comfort. Once into the robe, you are welcomed into a beautiful suite with warm lights and a harmonious melody. All robes are disposed after use. And there, you are ready to begin your relaxation session with their in-house calm and serene music. 

Every massage starts with a dry over-the-sheet massage to make you feel secure. The sheet is also disposed after use for safety. The therapy begins with a foot massage because cleansing one’s foot reenergizes your body and can create the maximum effect of relaxation. As the treatment moved forward, I could find myself lighten and loosen up. Using sandalwood aromatic oil, the therapist applied adequate pressure onto the stress points to relax my stressed muscles, to help achieve a balance in mind, body and soul. 

Club Prana spa Kolkata

After the therapy, you are asked to take comforting, hot steam as it would help the oil seep in further. While you take the sauna, this is the time when you can actually feel the true effect of the therapy as your body and senses feel revitalized and in a peaceful state.

Wellness in Post-Covid Times

There is a visible trend developing of people wanting to combine lifestyle management and wellness with their weekend getaways and vacations – especially as WFH continues to rule workplace management. And the hospitality industry is trying to form an ecosystem to enable one to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Hence, Club Prana’s holistic approach to rejuvenation and fitness brings all of the fitness practises like yoga, gym under one single roof where you can rejuvenate while lounging in spacious rooms and making relaxation your priority. Hyatt Regency Kolkata transforms your stagnant lifestyle into a therapeutic one with its eye-pleasing decor and holistic therapies.

LF Says: ★★★★

Coordinates: JA-1, JA Block, Sector III, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700098, India