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The Westin Pune Koregaon Park – A Weekend Fix

Giving you the best of all worlds, The Westin Pune Koregaon Park knows how to manage your highs and lows for the ultimate weekend vacation!

The Westin Pune Koregaon Park

When a weekend vacation is calling your name, The Westin Pune, Koregaon Park will teach you how to relax and then party it up like there is no tomorrow – all in one breath. Having experienced it personally, I can propagate the motto of relax hard and party harder, and the best part? It’s at a stone’s throw distance from Mumbai!

The property stands tall at Koregaon Park, but don’t depend on your GPS to take you there. Once in the area, it will not take you more than a second to spot the black property that oozes luxury and style. Stepping inside the property, I noticed how gracefully it was ageing and how excited the staff is to welcome you with a chilled glass of orange juice and cold towels. A quick check-in later, my room on the Westin Club floor demanded my attention for half an hour before I refueled myself at Seasonal Tastes – their 24 hour restaurant.

Walking around to digest the food, I was pleased with the fact that the property has open spaces that wake you up with scents of white tea. After all, where do you get to see open spaces in hotels anymore today? Add to that floor to ceiling windows that play on natural light and smiling faces of the team to provide guests with an intuitive feeling of home with all the conveniences and comforts needed to relax. And when you say relax, the only place I can think of is the spa, so aptly named the Heavenly Spa. Sigh.

Safe, for life 

An absolute life saver in today’s stressful living conditions, spas have become the course of rejuvenation for me. A lovely place to unwind and a must in your itinerary while at this property, the spa’s colour palette, inspired by natural landscapes, had an almost immediate relaxing effect. With materials that are textural interpretations of landscape imagery, I found myself dedicating a few moments to appreciate this place. A neutral base palette of white, cream and French gray is accented with sage green and watery blues is what dominates your vision until the spa receptionist leads you inside to select your preferred treatment.

The Westin Pune Koregaon Park Room

The ‘ experience ‘ as they call it, is as important to the team as it is to you. Keeping you and your wholesomeness at the core of all their activities, the brand philosophy stands tall. Taking a seat, I filled my consultation form for any medical history and concerned areas. The menu is descriptive and with the strong recommendation of the spa doctor, I opted for the Aspire Massage. Heavenly Spa has worked with Aromatherapy Associates to develop four of the five signature treatments including the Aspire Massage, Energize Scrub, Revive Facial and Renewal Ritual. So clearly, you know who to thank for those heavenly oils. Used throughout the spa to enhance mental and spiritual wellbeing, I for one couldn’t have been happier. For the Aspire Massage, I was told that natural plant aromatherapy oils and diverse massage techniques will be customised for me based on my answer to one simple question:” How do you want to feel”? Well, my mind was running with various options ranging from calm to peppy, but this was time to prioritise.

How did I answer that? I was given a wellness wheel that gave the answer to the above question and my companion and me were given the option to pick. The Wellness Wheel represents Relaxed, Soothed, De-Stressed, Balanced, Renewed and Revived in different colours. With each colour, there were two unique therapeutic experiences for us to choose from, based on our wellness goals for that moment. After a few moments of thought, I decided that I wanted to feel balanced and renewed. Even the thought of feeling calm and refreshed was giving me a different high and the doctor was happy to see that as it meant my body would choose the oil best suited to me.
Slowly inhale
The therapist selected two oils from the consultation stand that matched the experiences that I picked out on the Wellness Wheel. After inhaling the two options of oils, I could find myself leaning towards one very strongly. Using my selection of the support equilibrium oil which had notes of Geranium, Frankincense and rose, the therapist explained that my treatment would now be personalised according to this. Trust my loyalties to just bend towards rose!

The Westin Pune Koregaon Park Pool

Heading to the couples room, we found the room to be luxurious with a hot tub and ample space. There is also an individual in-room steam, shower and wardrobe with a safe in case you need to store valuables. Changing into our disposables and laying facing down, the therapists entered with soft footsteps and dimmed the lights. Quick strokes and 60 minutes later, I was brought back from my dream of shoes and all things nice as I slipped my robe back on. Once the treatment was done, we bit into dark chocolate and filled a feedback form as we prepared ourself for a night of partying!

Time to disco!

After all this relaxation, it only seems befitting that you put on your dancing shoes and head to one of the hottest destinations in Pune – Kue Bar. Evolving into one of THE go to places in Pune, it was unfortunate that I missed one of their talked about theme nights. But I was present on a Saturday night to see how rocking Pune could actually be even at 4 in the morning.

What sets it apart from other nightclubs is the sheer size that adds to its grandness. The nightclub has a chic ambience with an in-door lounge area and a dance floor as well as an alfresco. Celebrating their fourth anniversary in style, the upgraded Kue Bar 4.0 was a treat to every sense with colourful lights, smiling faces, lip smacking snacks and amazing drinks. The bar area is colourfully played up with lights and has bartenders with tricks up every sleeve – for perfect cocktails and entertainment gusto.

The uber cool Kue Bar has been upgraged with new elements like a canopy view at the VIP area and an imported laser machine, all of which adds to every night’s flamboyant escapade. As I took my place at the table and sipped on a vodka with cranberry juice, the bartender decided to flare up some fire tricks to Rihanna’s music. Don’t miss the grunge style decor with florescent paint graphics that stand as a backdrop for music lovers and high spirited party enthusiasts. The laser machine had a dancing man with groovy moves that had the crowd’s attention for a good half hour. The new show kitchen definitely stood up to expectations giving me a platter of nachos with salsa and some cheese poppers which melted in my mouth.

A weekend that left me relaxed, high spirited and full of energy, I’m already checking my planner for the next long weekend!