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Woven Art – 5 Rug Trends for Luxury Homes

Synergising between harmoniously blended shades and styles of decor you want, rugs and carpets are a luxury you want to add to your homes today

Faux Bois collection abstract pattern luxury rugsRugs can be passed on as heirloom from generation to generation. As such they are evergreen. More and more people now are also taking a keen interest in customizing their rugs,  making them unique art pieces in the process. It isn’t out of the ordinary to find a rug hanging as wall art! The intricacies of making a rug make them equivalent to any of those high-valued artworks created by artists today.

Buying a rug or creating one from the first weave? Here are 5 trends that would not only last for years, but also give your home that wonderful edge over others.

1. Patterned rugs, whether sophisticated abstracts or transitionals, continue to be extremely popular because of advances in textures and design preferences. The mix of multi-dimensional cut/loop constructions, bold designs, and yarn variations create beautiful rugs.

2. Designs inspired by non-conventional ideas, such as texture of wood, are being made which was something unheard of. Rugs with the texture and look of wood grains has been interpreted in a sophisticated way in our Faux Bois collection.

Bombay Collection by Cocoon Rugs India abstract pattern contemporary luxury rugs3. Two-toned rugs that brighten up your room by breaking the monotony of colours are in vogue. This can be achieved using innovative yarn dyeing or design techniques.

4. Vibrant oriental rugs have a certain charm due to their authentic simplicity and inherent elegance. Made from fine hand spun silk using sophisticated, fashion forward colours, you can’t go wrong with oriental rugs.

5. Art inspired rugs can add drama and flamboyance to your home. These can be customized as well to suit an individual’s sensibilities. Our collections pay tributes to works by expressionist artists such as Jackson Pollock to graffiti artists such as Banksy.

Fine threads, exceptional designs, and an interplay of thoughtfully placed colours will do the magic in your rug art!


Ayush Choudhary, MD, Cocoon Rugs IndiaAyush Choudhary, 30, through his fresh perspective towards contemporary and vintage design aesthetics, textures and sustainable materials, has managed to give a new life to the traditional hand crafted rug industry. Belonging to a family that has been an integral part of rug design and manufacturing, his passion for rugs started as a young boy when he visited carpet weavers around Rajasthan and Gujarat with his father. His unique design sensibilities reflect in his signature collections which are heavily inspired from his extended stays in vibrant world cities such as Chicago, San Francisco, Barcelona and London.