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BLK. Water – The Millennial’s Take on H2O

BLK. is an ultra-premium alkaline water brand, that contains natural fulvic minerals giving the drink its signature black hue. It is essentially water with electrolytes, to help you stay hydrated, refreshed and energetic – a truly coming-of-age riposte for the diet-conscious millennials

BLK. Water Bottle ReviewFor a commodity that is so freely available from the tap, the global bottled water market is astoundingly large. With new brands popping up ever so often, the market is going to reach $350 million in value by 2021. The latest marque to join the mineral-enriched bandwagon is BLK (pronounced as Bee-El-Key), a “premium fulvic-enhanced, all-natural alkaline water”.

It resembles a cola, only blacker, with no fizz, sugar, additives or any discernible taste other than that of water. Blk essentially helps in balancing the acidity levels of the body and the bloodstream. It gets its all-black colour naturally without any artificial dyes or colouring, due to the addition of Fulvic Acid. It is a power pack of robust organic antioxidants, containing electrolytes that helps you recover from arduous activities including rigorous exercises.

Its inception is credited to a Canadian family who almost accidently "invented" it. About 11 years ago, the mother was diagnosed with cancer and was sick and weakened by chemotherapy. In search of something nutritious that could make her feel better, her children took to the internet seeking alternative medicine and holistic remedies when they encountered the free-radical scavenger known as fulvic acid. Mixed with spring water the fulvic enhanced drink helped their mother recuperate at a rapid pace. 

Inspired and intrigued, I undertook a one-week trial with daily work-outs including pilates and weight training, and the gradual effect on my energy levels took me by surprise. The Fulvic acid’s small molecular structure allows it to be absorbed very quickly, hydrating our body faster than normal water. I was far less tired, more revitalised and unusually fresh throughout the day with BLK. 

BLK. Water Bottle ReviewA noteworthy observation is the cleverly designed typography. A hidden message is slowly unveiled while the water is consumed, that reads “Enjoy The Dark Side”. The sheer ingenuity of this sets BLK. apart.  

Talking about BLK’s unique attributes, Mr. Dikshit Jhanb, Director BLK. India, said, “It is a water in a league by itself. Mined deep from earth’s surface, the fulvic and humic minerals help the human body effectively break down, absorb, and transport key nutrients. One loses important electrolytes when one sweats. BLK. helps replace these electrolytes so you can stay hydrated and refreshed. For people who are prone to acidity more than others, we recommend that they make BLK a part of their everyday lifestyle. People who indulge in a lot of physical activity should also make BLK a part of their everyday routine.“

BLK. has become more than just an energising bottled water brand. It’s a style statement for many international supermodels like Kendall Jenner and Alessandra Ambrosio and designers like Olivier Rousteing, Rick Owens and J.W Anderson being spotted with it. 

A whole new generation of health fanatics advocate this fulvic acid-enhanced all-natural water. Our vote says that it is an exacting source of ferocious hydration. It keeps you vitally active, energetic and invigorated. All in all, while it may not be quite such a conversation piece, it definitely helps recharge your batteries after a long day at work and is sure to replace your cold pressed juice with an extra shot of kale! 

Price: INR 260 per bottle (India)
BLK. is available for purchase at in India