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Couture to Carpets: Falguni Shane Peacock & Cocoon Fine Rugs’ Extraordinary Ode to Romance

Venturing into the luxury home design segment for the first time, the dynamic designer duo – Falguni Shane Peacock – have collaborated with Cocoon Fine Rugs to create ‘Meraki’- a dramatic carpet collection reflecting their unique design sensibilities

Bold, striking and elegant – Falguni Shane Peacock’s couture is no stranger to international fashion. Their stunning creations with intricate detailing, extravagant designs and tasteful blending of the traditional with the contemporary have impressed the likes of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Katy Perry, to name a few, putting Indian creativity alongside world’s most coveted designers. As the new year finally kickstarts, the glamorous duo have gracefully taken a new direction, steering the wheels from the world of red carpets to well, luxury carpets. 

Ayush Choudhary Falguni Shane Peacock

Ayush Choudhary of Cocoon Fine Rugs with Falguni Shane Peacock

Reviving the most quotidian yet an ever exquisite symbol in the realm of interior design, Falguni Shane Peacock have created a collection of luxury rugs in collaboration with Cocoon Fine Rugs – a premier carpet brand best known for their handmade statement carpets and rugs. Titled ‘Meraki’, the collection not only marks the debut for the Peacocks in luxury interior design but even for Cocoon Fine Rugs, it is one of their first collections that reflects a unique edgy, avant garde design. 

Recognized for its modern take on Persian rugs, Cocoon Fine Rugs has often gone down the path of innovation not only with fashion designers but also architects and interior designers. From JJ Valaya, Varun Bahl to award winning multidisciplinary designers like Rooshad Shroff and Ashiesh Shah, the premier fine rugs brand has carved a niche with their striking handspun carpets. While this collaboration doesn’t come as a surprise given the inclination towards imaginative expression from both the parties, the launch of Meraki certainly opens up new avenues in home design. 

Meraki Cocoon Fine Rugs

A carpet from the Meraki collection

“We are excited to unveil Meraki at the start of the new year as this collection brings with it not only a new design handwriting to our repertoire but also a positive spirit and mood. To me, Meraki is also the coming together of two like-minded brands, with a vision to create more offerings in the interior design space. We are super excited to launch Falguni Shane Peacock’s foray into this new category where our floor art meets fashion,” says Ayush Choudhary, Founder of Cocoon Fine Rugs.

Meraki: Concept & Conception

‘Meraki’ is an untranslatable, inventive Greek word that means to create something with love; to put your soul into something. The idea for Meraki was seeded back in November 2019, a few months before the world went under lockdown. Planned and conceptualized entirely virtually, Falguni Shane Peacock brought their edgy and dramatic aesthetics to the table while Cocoon Fine Rugs handcrafted each and every rug from the collection over the past eight months. 

Meraki Cocoon Fine Rugs 2

A carpet from the Meraki collection

Sticking to their brand ethos, synonymous with extravagance and mystique, the designs created for the fine rugs collection are teeming with the quintessential FSP essence. “Creativity is everywhere”, said Falguni Peacock, further adding that whether you are creating couture or fine rugs, the imaginative process is not very different from each other. 

“Meraki is for those who want their space to reflect their personality and taste, be it their home or office. It is also for those who are bold enough and for those who are looking to add a limited edition rug to their home to experiment with our edgy, flamboyant designs! This has truly been a labour of love and we have thoroughly enjoyed all our virtual work meetings and discussions with Ayush to make this collaboration a reality,” says Falguni Peacock. High on the glam quotient but very romantic at its core, the name Meraki was Shane Peacock’s idea. 

Never Letting You go Carpet Cocoon Fine Rugs

The 'Never Letting You Go' carpet from Meraki

Weaving a Love Story

Translating the grandeur of their designs on the carpets, the collection is exceedingly romantic and audacious, but far from ostentatious. Discreetly monogrammed with the FSP logo, every rug in the collection is a statement in itself. Like a work of art, the rugs can even be festooned on walls and they will be just as alluring. Boasting a diverse color palette and each rug distinctive from the other, the collection ranges from floral patterns and chain mail motifs to medallions. 

Bearing very astonishing names, every rug is a story. ‘Never Letting You Go’ is a fine piece from the collection with black and white FSP canvas and labyrinthine print of red belt interlocked in gold chains, which forms the FSP monogram. Signifying an intense take on love and the boundaries of love, this rug is bound to raise eyebrows owing to its concept, hues as well as pattern. 

Give your heart and soul to me luxury carpet

The 'Give Your Heart & Soul To Me' carpet from Meraki

Another splendid rug named ‘Give your heart and soul to me’ is a more old-school romantic take on love with its somewhat traditional Persian-inspired carpet design comprising meshed FSP monograms in sky blue and gold coupled with pink floral pattern on a backdrop of black FSP monogram canvas. “Love you to the moon” is decidedly one of the most coveted rugs from the collection, and rightly so, with its range of motifs from chains, belts, medallions for borders and “I love you always” inscribed in the center and “Love you to the moon and…” on the left. Whether one is looking to elevate a space or add a touch of astonishment to otherwise neutral interiors, these rugs are indisputably eyecatching. 

With a feisty designs and three-dimensional finish and texture, the fine rugs collection is a combined testimony to the expertise of Falguni Shane Peacock and Cocoon Fine Rugs. 

Love you to the moon Falguni Shane Peacock

The 'Love You to the Moon' carpet from Meraki

The launch event was hosted at Cocoon Fine Rugs’ exquisite showroom in Worli, Mumbai in the presence of Cocoon Fine Rugs founder Ayush Choudhary and Falguni Shane Peacock with an inspired guest list comprising the finest of interior designers, fashion stylists and members of the press. Elegant and following all safety precautions, the event featured a decorous display of rugs and Falguni Shane Peacock couture dresses with matching prints. The latest edit is showcased at the Worli showroom of Cocoon Fine Rugs and will be available on special request at the Cocoon Fine Rugs stores in Jaipur, Kolkata, Bengaluru as well as online.

The Falguni Shane Peacock X Cocoon Fine Rugs carpets shown above were photgraphed with artworks curated by Mumbai's Tao Art Gallery. These artworks were lovingly created by Michelle Poonawalla, Shruti Jhaveri, Chintala Jagdish, Kisalay Vora, Shakti Maira and Kallpana Shah.