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Farah Khan Fine Jewellery – Finding Love in Structure

The infectious jubilance that arises with the completion of 25 years in the fine jewellery industry, acclaimed designer Farah Khan presents a unique monogram collection crafted in 18-carat gold. A crest of bygone royalty, “Aayat” is simple, stable.

Farah Khan Fine Jewellery Aayat Monogram collectionRenowned for spearheading technical excellence within the jewellery industry, Indian jewellery designer Farah Khan’s feminine narrative continues these past 25 years with collections that firmly encapsulate and define the Farah Khan brand. Enthralled by old world decadence, the master jeweller pays a tribute to the imperial appreciation for elegance and refinement in her latest monogram collection “Aayat”.

In Urdu, the word Aayat, has many meanings – miracle, verse, clue and royal – words, which as per Ms Khan, resonate with the brand. In Sanskrit, the word means rectangle, which implies safety, stability, security and peace. 

At the heart of this iconic collection is a strikingly monochromatic, bold yet feminine silhouette. Each piece is contemporary and artistic – sleekly capturing every dainty accent of ingenious designs. 

Farah Khan Fine Jewellery Aayat Monogram collectionThe collection comprises 40 unique pieces, a symbolic celebration of the classic diamond and its insatiable universal appeal. Carefully handpicked mother-of-pearl catches every light enchantingly, while deeply luscious black onyx makes a compelling harmony of contrasts. With a splash of champagne and white diamonds encrusted in rose gold, a colour pop of gemstones and hand painted enamelling, this collection is an ode to the many moods of the fashionable woman of the world.   

Much less complex and vibrant than the jewellery we have seen coming out from Ms Khan’s stable, this collection is meant to portray love, and the serenity that comes with it. Beautiful with a universal appeal, the collection’s brilliance is unique, and superbly showcased in this fine jewellery creation. 

Available at: Farah Khan Fine Jewellery, Narayan Building, 36 Turner Road, Bandra West, Maharashtra, India