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Perfumes & collaborative collections form Ginori 1735’s display at Milan Design Week 2022

The home fragrance collection is accentuated with a capsule collection in collaboration with Off-White

June 7, 2022: Porcelain brand Ginori 1735 has been busy. From fragrances to mugs, the brand has opened its coffers to belt out exquisite creations for Milan Design Week 2022. And the first one of these is the new Profumi Luchino home fragrance collection, designed by Luke Edward Hall (British artist and designer).

Profumi Luchino Ginori 1735

Profumi Luchino includes five fragrances designed to take you on a journey to Mr. Hall’s most well-loved destinations: The Cotswolds, Marrakech, Rajasthan, Big Sur and Venice. Each of these destinations enchanted Mr. Hall with their scents, and playing on the memory of these sensations he found inspiration for the fragrances in this collection. But that was not all. For each of these places in the real world, Mr. Hall has designed an imaginary dwelling: five buildings which symbolize the romantic atmospheres that each fragrance evokes. Fox Thicket Folly speaks of the Cotswolds, La Gazelle d’Or of Marrakech, Rajathra Palace of Rajasthan, Rain Rock Creek of Big Sur and Palazzo Centauro of Venice. This is what makes Profumi Luchino a sensory journey in five stages.

The Profumi Luchino collection is composed of scented candles in molten wax, cast by Italian experts in cylindrical porcelain containers decorated by hand. Each fragrance is accompanied by a plate and a trinket tray, both hand-finished and decorated with designs suggested by Mr. Hall, depicting the five locations. Finally, each fragrance has its own unique and distinctive object: a candlestick, an incense holder, a covered pot, a lidded box and sculpture candlestick inspired by a head of Ganymede. 

Profumi Luchino is available for purchase in an exclusive pre-order on, with a special bag as gift.

Ginori 1735 LCDC collection

The Ginori 1735 home fragrance collection LCDC, La Compagnia Di Caterina, designed by Luca Nichetto, now has two new fragrances: Amber Lagoon and Musk Road. Developed by Jean Niel, the oldest French perfume company, founded in 1779, the LCDC fragrances are designed to be unique and timeless, evoking stories, restoring sensations and diffusing naturally and permanently. Individual pieces come with refills that can be replaced when the fragrance runs out. 

Along with its collaboration with Buccellati for Milan Design Week 2022, Ginori 1735 also unveiled new creations in collaboration with Off-White and Cassina. 

Ginori 1735 Off-White home collection

The second part of Off-White™ c/o Ginori 1735 collaboration, remixes and reinterprets, resizes and reshapes a cylindrical vase, a cachepot vase, an ashtray, and a lidded box from the Ginori 1735 archives. The objects retain their pure white porcelain forms but gain sculptural Off-White Ivy Arrow handles embellished with ivy leaves and botanical nuances.

The 2022 Off-White™ c/o Ginori 1735 collection is available at off— and Off-White Paris and Milan stores and at the Ginori 1735 online and offline distribution network.

Post Scriptum, a collection of unique, hand-painted porcelain objects, is the fruit of collaboration with Cassina and signed by Formafantasma.