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Why Pearl Jewelry Needs to be on Your Radar Even if Your Birthday Month Isn’t June

If your birthday falls in June, pearls and moonstones are for you. However, these two elegant, ethereal stones can be an excellent choice for everyone – thanks to their versatility.

Pearls have often been seen as outdated; or deemed fit for power dressing. It is time to update your style notes now that pearls, in all shapes and sizes, even mother-of-pearl, has been inspiring designers to create contemporary and playful forms.


Assael Pearl ring
Assael | Pearl


RENNA Jewels Ariel Earrings Pearl
Renna Jewels | Pearl

Natural pearls, cultured, counterparts, alongside baroque, conch, melo are all featuring prominently in standout pieces. They are also making a striking appearance in super cool silhouettes juxtaposed with coloured gems, diamonds, hardstones and metal.

Christina Soubli Pearl earrings
Christina Soubli | Pearl

Whether you plan to wear pearl jewels on special occasions or incorporate them into your daily staple as an accessory, suffice to say that pearls have made quite a comeback. It is officially one of the chicest jewelleries. And there is nothing staid about the current crop of designs that make them highly wearable.

IRASVA pearl necklace
Irasva | Pearl

Here are some pearl and moonstone jewels that have caught our attention.

KAJ Fine Jewellery pearl earrings
KAJ Fine Jewellery | Pearl


Shinkai Pearl jewelry
Shinkai | Pearl

Designer Mizuki Shinkai, born and raised in Tokyo, creates handmade jewellery with delicate, warm textures using sophisticated metalworking techniques and innovative concepts that resonate with the wearer. His favourite material is pearls, and he describes them as “the living gem.” The designer, who showcased his fine jewellery brand, Shinkai, at Couture this May, likes to express the beauty of a pearl made by nature in a unique Japanese style.

Margot McKinney pearl earrings
Margot McKinney | Pearl
Xiao Guan pearl pendant
Xiao Guan | Pearl

A reflection of Lebanese designer Nada Ghazal’s journey over the past year, her new collection — Pop of Hope — was unveiled at Couture last month. “This collection has been my source of courage and resilience, and has allowed me to envision a brighter future, one full of hope and promise,” says Ms. Ghazal, founder and creative director. She marries the informality of the non-uniformed pearls with diamonds in brushed gold. The statement rose brooch with pearls inset into gold whorls is a fine example of Lebanese artistry. All the pieces by the London-based designer are handmade in her atelier back home in Beirut.

MINDI MOND Diamond Pearl Necklace
Mindi Mond | Pearl

Tini Courtney, designer of Howl, has been wanting to work with pearls for a while now, but it wasn’t until her husband discovered a beautiful third generation pearl farming family, that she “fell in love with them and their inspiring collection of precious pearls” and made the leap. She now has a new pearl collection called Royal Renegade. “It was a whole new world for me the moment I started understanding more about pearls and the depth of possibilities I had to work with. Sifting through the diverse assortments of pearls inspired a vision to integrate these magnificent wonders of the sea into my jewellery. I was excited to fuse the delicate and feminine nature of the pearls into my existing work — bold and heavy gold — and discover the harmony,” says Ms. Courtney.

NADA GHAZAL Gold and Pearl earrings
Nada Ghazal | Pearl

Mateo’s gold and pearl bracelet, inspired by the horn of plenty, is a symbol of abundance. “It features a cultured pearl set in 14k yellow gold with diamonds,” says Matthew Harris, founder of the brand.

Patcharavipa CHARMS HOOPS Pearl
Patcharavipa | Pearl
State Property Fine Jewellery Unfold Ellipsis Drop Earrings
State Property Fine Jewellery | Pearl

Peggy Grosz, Senior Vice-President and Creative Director at Assael, has been exploring color in designs for several years now. She delves into the deep Assael pearl inventory for her latest designs that go beyond color, to capture the storytelling quality of some of the patterns she has found in natural gems. She pairs pearls with coloured stones, dendritic agates and jaspers to come up with some delightful earrings. Assael’s new designs also make use of Fijian oyster shells with blister/mabe pearls, with gold and diamonds, in very unique looks that pay tribute to the natural process of pearl formation.

Rachel Quinn mother of pearl
Rachel Quinn | Mother of Pearl
White Space Cloudbar Pearl earring
White Space | Pearl

Designer Jade Ruzzo loves the depth of moonstone. It is particularly the rainbow moonstone and the adularescent glow that makes it feel almost alive, she declares. “I’m also in love with grey moonstone; it’s so smoky and sexy, and feels like a perfect neutral. You’ll certainly be seeing more of it in my collection,” she adds.

DENA KEMP moonstone earrings
Dena Kemp | Moonstone

Meanwhile, Dena Kemp’s love for pearls and moonstones set off from their “natural glow.” It brings life to the gold and lends contrast to each piece, she explains. A particular pair of earrings from the designer has black rhodium that ensures the moonstones and the smoked grey agate stand out and create a sleek look. “To offset the moonstones, I used a smoked grey agate, with white and cognac diamonds,” adds the designer.

JADE RUSSO Moonstone bracelet
Jade Ruzzo | Moonstone
Mason and Books moonstone ring
Mason & Books | Moonstone

Needless to say, both these stones are timeless, not only adding a mystical allure to your personality, but also a versatility to your jewelry wardrobe.