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Lines and cuts combine to captivate in Zoya’s new collection, ‘Her Becoming’

Following ‘My Embrace,’ Zoya launches the new collection with actress Sonam Kapoor.

Zoya Her Becoming Whispers of Light

Tata Group’s Zoya introduces another exquisite jewelry collection that showcases exceptional gem cuts and rare stones. “Her Becoming” is a compilation of unique white diamond pieces that bring to life the iconic geometric patterns of ancient Ikat in the form of wearable art.

Much like the brand’s distinct identity, each piece conveys a distinct interpretation of beauty to those who wear them. The collection was officially launched by Ajoy Chawla, CEO of Titan’s jewelry division, and Sonam Kapoor, the brand’s ambassador.

Zoya Her Becoming Weave of Brilliance

The various diamond shapes come to life through their multifaceted brilliance. Cadillac, trapezoid, and custom-cut baguette diamonds take center stage, and meticulous attention to their setting creates a harmonious blend of shapes and colors. The result is a breathtaking collection of fresh, contemporary classics.

Zoya Her Becoming A Luminous Lineage

Elaborating on the beauty of the collection, Ms. Kapoor said, “Zoya’s Her Becoming reimagines white diamonds with brilliant geometry. It is a testament to the brand’s savoir-faire and artisanal fortitude. The collection’s international design language pushes the boundaries of creation and you see the symphony of emotions in every piece. I personally love the very meaningful narrative of a woman coming alive with a celebration of her every facet.”

Zoya Her Becoming Strands of Light

Central to the collection’s brilliance is its ingenious design. The incorporation of detachable elements elevates its versatility, allowing a layered necklace to metamorphose into a stunning headpiece, and chokers to seamlessly transition into statement bracelets.

‘A Radiant Relevation’, for example, showcases 500 diamonds encircling a captivating ruby centerpiece. The delicate black rhodium accents and meticulous cuts elevate its sophistication. The ‘Radiant Milestone’ boasts baguette diamonds and four central Cadillac diamonds, exuding timeless beauty. The ‘Weave of Brilliance’ stands as a testament to the brand’s innovation. Featuring two brilliant 1-carat asscher diamonds at its core, it’s complemented by meticulously arranged baguettes and adorned with pear-cut diamond droplets, showcasing true artistry.

Zoya Her Becoming A Radiant Revelation

In the eloquent language of jewelry, ‘The Whispers of Light’ captivates. Two spear-cut diamonds with striking black accents take center stage, embraced by a delicate string of 82 meticulously angled trapezoid diamonds, a true delight for connoisseurs of exquisite craftsmanship.