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Why are Indians Loving Nikkei Cuisine?

Yazu Peruvian jambo scampi

There is a growing interest in Nikkei cuisine worldwide, and Indians are loving it as it offers a captivating bridge between familiar and exciting flavors.

Starting 2024 on the Right (Wine) Note

Apassionata wines

With the holiday season behind us, you might be looking for wine finds which we refer to as “ready-to-drink” wines, wines that don’t need a wine cellar or a big expense account.

Changing Seasons, Changing Wines

Come chill with us as the seasons change and explore some exceptional South American wines, plus a few other new releases, sampled during tasting events.

MONOM : Attar in an Italian Bottle

Purity encased in a tiny black bottle, MONOM offers fragrances that go beyond the overpowering smells, instead proposing an experience that is personal, intimate.

TikTok Beauty Sensation ‘The Ordinary’ has an Ingredient-Led Philosophy That Works!

A new era of intelligence, transparency and information has arrived. Within six short years, The Ordinary has exploded in popularity amongst “skintellectuals”, thanks to their powerful, fuss-free formulas and pocket-friendly price points. We review their Multi-Peptide Lash and Brow serum (a new launch), the Squalene Cleanser and their AHA Peel.

When a Cocktail Comes a Calling…

It’s the festive season! How about sprinkling some cheer into a medley of innovative mixers and ingredients to create your special brand of holidays?

Saddle Up for South America’s Robust Red Wines

Inspired by the original French varietals, the South American terrain brings a characteristic flavor and profile to its wines. This winter, explore the little known with wines from Argentina and Chile.

Traversing Capri & Zurich with a White Wine

Poggio alle Gazze, a white wine by Frescobaldi’s Ornellaia, knows who to hob-nob with, as this wine takes us on a European trip for some exquisite Mediterranean pairings.

Wine Regions Less Traveled

Talking about wines matured in clay pot and grapes grown in dual personality regions, we discover some hidden, lesser-known gems of the wine world.

Level Up Your Prosecco Experience Courtesy Valdo

When it comes to Prosecco, the fizzy, sparking wine that has become a favorite successor to Spanish Cava, we discovered some discerning characteristics at a one-on-one tasting recently with Matteo Bolla, the energetic & peripatetic US representative of Valdo Prosecco & sparkling wines. Follow along as we share what we learned as we sipped.

Taki Taki: Low Lights, High Spirits, Irresistible Makis

As diverse as Mumbai is, authentic Japanese and Pan-Asian cuisine has never reached the same levels of high gastronomy or ever celebrated in the same way before as now (post-pandemic). Enter – Taki Taki. Like a clandestine culinary cult, this chic and stylish restaurant offers charm with a succulent dose of substance

Ben Gorham’s World of Sensorial Memories

A man full of contradicting surprises, we converse with Ben Gorham, founder of Byredo, about his inspiration, challenges, nostalgic childhood memories and creation of Mumbai Noise

Soul Tree Wins Our Heart (and Health) with its Hemp-Based Range!

Ayurveda may well be a 5,000-year-old ancient science of the East, but it’s only now beginning to gain recognition as a mainstream beauty solution. Launched with a definitive differential in the fast growing chemical-free beauty gamut, SoulTree encourages holistic healing through its range of luxe hemp-based products that will gently soothe your skin, providing hydration that lingers for hours

Cafe Noir: A Quaint Brasserie in the Heart of Mumbai

Finding the right tone for a new restaurant is fiendishly complicated. Cafe Noir attempts to recreate the magic of a tasteful French bistro, armed with an unpretentious menu, elegant interiors and a lot of ambition. A “brasserie de luxe” – the charming cafe has an old-world appeal, courteous and friendly staff and a pleasant ambience

Cou Cou: Bona Fide French Flavors in Mumbai

The newest French patisserie in town, Cou Cou, is Oberoi Group’s first independent food and beverage outlet. Under the culinary expertise of Chef Pratik Deshmukh and Chef Pierre Storti, Cou Cou’s authentic and freshly made French delights are bound to give you all the Parisian feels in Mumbai

Tori – A World Tour on a Plate!

Helmed by ex-Nobu chef Thomas Pongsak Catley and backed by the mastermind behind the famous Grandmama’s cafe, Abhayraj Singh Kohli – Tori brings flavours from around the world with dishes influenced by Chef Tom’s travels across Asia and Latin America.

Glutaweis – Swiss Skincare at its Finest

A Swiss-engineered skincare brand that believes in providing maximum benefits with the minimum effort, Glutaweis’ skincare products revolve around the core ingredient of Glutathione.

The Post-Pandemic Dining Affair in Hyatt Regency, Kolkata

With the new dawn in this new year, restaurants opened their gate to welcome guests and let them have an experience of luxury dining over again. Hyatt Regency, Kolkata manages to put up with the demands of modern connoisseurs, however only to a fair bit

Of Soot & Sap: Forest Essentials Makes Makeup a Healthy Skin Food

Ayurveda, once a developing niche across the world, is a popular integrated beauty solution now. Expanding beyond its skincare and fragrance ranges, Forest Essentials has reintroduced some ancient beauty rituals by launching a natural makeup collection. And take our word, this new line has set out to replace every product in your vanity

Nabhi Sutra – Wellness from the Centre of our Being

Wellness is an important concept. And more than ever, our choices for a holistic approach in life has increased in abundance. We are constantly exploring options that are ecofriendly, cruelty-free, vegan, organic, chemical-free, sustainable, and everything in-between, satisfying our definition of having ‘green’ or ‘nature-inspired’ products on our shelves. Nabhi Sutra fits this description.

Personalized, Online Downtime at Chiva-Som

A pioneer in transformative wellness practices, Chiva-Som in Hua Hin, Thailand has launched an invigorating customized wellness program spearheaded by their in-house advisors, practitioners and experts. I tried the tele-therapy service via video communication and came out rejuvenated, relaxed and equipped with tools to reset my lifestyle

Eau Bar, The Oberoi Mumbai: Experiencing Mumbai through the Ages

A little bit of chic French luxury has made its way to Mumbai’s plush Marine Drive area – and you’ll find it at The Oberoi hotel. The refurbished EAU Bar is an oasis of relaxed elegance and sophisticated ambience ready to rescue shoppers from the crowds. A stylish bar with an interesting cocktail menu to match, the bar makes for the perfect Sunday evening experience overlooking the spectacular “Queens Necklace”

Zorawar Kalra’s Novel Ode to Refashioning Indian Cuisine

Farzi Cafe has introduced a new stellar menu – one that is all set to beguile and charm gourmet diners. Showcasing some much-loved dishes from the Indian culinary atlas, the newly imagined delicacies are filled with a hearty dose of esculent art and presentation styles

Classics Get a Zing at Hyatt Regency Pune’s Zeta

Pune’s La Terrazza, the Italian fine dine, metamorphosed into an eccentric bistro that dived into the realm of experiments and unparalleled refinement of flavours and taste. Thus Zeta was born with a diverse menu that brought a different story on the table

Trèsind: A Fine Experience for Modern Traditionalists

At a time when Indian cuisine is explored, exploited and re-invented up to its most cliched limits, Tresind manages to do something remarkable. It goes beyond the ordinary gourmet savoir-faire to deliver a unique experience using traditional Indian dishes from every region and reimagining them to match the demanding palates of modern connoisseurs

Arogya Spa: Amalgamating the East & West in Pune

Amidst the pace and stress of city life, escape into an experience enriched with the goodness of ancient Asian oils and rituals with the methodology and impact of modern Western techniques. Every therapy at Arogya Spa at Hyatt Regency Pune aims to take the guest to a comprehensive wellness zone

House of Krug: A Story of Passion & Craftsmanship

One doesn’t think of France without thinking of its exquisite Champagne and one doesn’t think of Champagne without thinking of Krug Grande Cuvee. Senior winemaker Olivier Krug deep dives into the sea of heritage and legacy of the House of Krug, as Krug Grande Cuvee relaunches in India

Glenfiddich – Transforming Spirits

A 130 year old brand, Glenfiddich doesn’t plan to show its old age by holding on to tradition, but instead is learning to take advantage of its experience to create newer, nervier expressions of the brand

JOSS Mumbai – When Sushi Comes Calling

Every year, June 18 is celebrated as International Sushi Day. The Japanese delicacy, with its origins in 14th century, is now a global phenomenon. But like with every sensation, there are some common misconceptions with sushi as well. The biggest one? That sushi is prepared with raw fish only

How to Taste Olive Oils – A Lesson from Spain

The kind of oil used in cooking surely defines the taste and aroma of the food. But there is a difference between various kinds of olive oils as well. Here is an introduction into this world

Dine with the Stars at Asilo, Mumbai

An enchanting experience with a 180-degree view of the city skyline paired with the visual punch of the majestic sea-link stretching across the Arabian Sea, Asilo in Mumbai has what it takes to shine as India’s trendiest rooftop bar

The Merchant of Venice – Creators of Sweet-Scented Aromas

Just like Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’, the fragrance brand by the same name has always brought something unique and rare to the table. The Merchant of Venice is a brand of exquisite fragrances for those with refined tastes

A Sicilian Soiree with Chef Agostino D’Angelo at Vetro

Celebrated Chef Agostino D’Angelo from Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea hosted a special soiree at The Oberoi, Mumbai which proved to be a true gastronomic experience. Guided by the Chef himself, we whipped up some authentic pasta followed by a fabulous Sicilian feast

Wines – Organic vs. Biodynamic vs. Sustainable

As the world is changing, so is winemaking. Or one could say, it’s going back to the ancient ways. We talk about the different between organic, biodynamic and sustainable wines, and its translation in the Indian context

India Jones – A Feast for all Your Senses

A decadent homage to Mr. Bharat Joyent (anglicised as India Jones)’s unrivalled passion for travel and deep love for the finer cuisines of the world, India Jones at the Trident hotel in Mumbai offers a Teppanyaki meal, among other things, which is a culinary delight and a regaling performance

Up in the AER: Mumbai’s Coolest Rooftop Bar

India’s highest rooftop bar has been wondrously reborn. AER, at the Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, sets the tone for the city’s dynamic nightlife. With its alabaster walls and monochrome fixtures, AER offers a fresh roster of musical acts and artists, and an unmatched crimson view of the bay

Anantara Spa, Lisbon – A Sanctuary for Holistic Wellbeing

The exceptional Anantara Spa is an outstanding Balinese-style spa offering relaxing, unique restorative treatments. It is set in Portugal’s statuesque Tivoli Avenida Liberdade hotel, next to the historic St. Jorge’s castle, beside the idyllic river Tagus, in the wild and wonderful city of Lisbon

Sky Bar Lisboa – Straight Up Spectacular

There isn’t a rooftop bar that inspires FOMO quite like the Sky Bar at the Tivoli Avenida Liberdade. Join Lisbon’s ‘it’ crowd as they revel in champagne clinks and pose for selfies in an effortlessly chic space enveloped by a 360-degree view of the charming city

Ruby Chocolate – The Fourth Chocolate We Never Knew

The chocolate market will amount to $131.9 billion by 2019 which makes it one of the highly consumed foods in the entire world. And is hardly something that you would deny when offered. But what if there is another chocolate you did not know of?

BLK. Water – The Millennial’s Take on H2O

BLK. is an ultra-premium alkaline water brand, that contains natural fulvic minerals giving the drink its signature black hue. It is essentially water with electrolytes, to help you stay hydrated, refreshed and energetic – a truly coming-of-age riposte for the diet-conscious millennials

Rose, Musty, Tarty or Oak – Best Wines from Greece

In Greece – between Peloponnese, Macedonia, and the shores of Crete – we find that the delectable art of wine creation is as seductively simple as its native cuisine, which allows the heavenly flavors to shine through

Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille – The Finesse that Happens Here

Sometimes wonderful dining experiences come with not so great service. Or wonderful service means that the dining experience is lacking. At Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille, I didn’t have to worry about either of those things. Eating here will leave you satisfied for a week after

The Royal Spa Beirut – Bona Fide Healing in an Extraordinary Setting

Imagine a place where time stands still. Where you can indulge your senses, raise your spirits and replenish your soul. The Royal Spa at Le Royal Hotel, Beirut, is the perfect sanctuary to relax and rejuvenate. If you’ve ever dreamed of being completely and exquisitely spoiled, then the award-winning Spa is perfect for you.

Titanic Piano Bar at Le Royal Hotel, Beirut – A Maiden Voyage

The Titanic Piano Bar with its maritime feel and antiquated charm is commonly recognized as one of Beirut’s finest dining establishments and is probably nipping at the heels of some of the best restaurants in Lebanon. It is quaint, exclusive and remarkably aristocratic

The Turkish Hammam – Designed to Scintillate Your Senses

The tradition of a ‘Hammam’ is chronicled in legends and folklores of the great Ottoman warriors and emperors. Revel in pre-history, and unfold narratives of culture, tradition and society as you go back in time, through a truly transcendental Turkish experience

Michael Jordan Restaurant: Bringing Sports to the Dining Table

Michael Jordan isn’t only known for basketball and a flourishing shoe brand, but also for delivering two of the most sporty, luxurious and tasty restaurants in Illinois. We headed to the newly opened Michael Jordan Restaurant for a leisurely sampling

A Sommelier’s Gourmet Escape in Virgin Australia

Among the world’s top-rated international wine and spirits festivals, the Gourmet Escape treats attendees to three-days of first class vinos, superb food and breathtaking vistas in wild western Australia. An indulgence to the senses, it is a dream getaway for anyone with a penchant for both natural and gastronomic splendor

Indian Cuisine – Version 4.0

Rich and zesty as the country itself, India’s cuisine blends centuries of cultural and geographic influences. Its present global ubiquity, however, belies its native diversity of flavors, ingredients and techniques. In fact, even Indians, at times, seem to forget the original medley of the food. The currently surging practice of progressive cooking may correct that.

Of Moon Phases & Wine – Spas to Experience

When it comes to spas, there is no right or wrong way. There are, however, some more interesting ways. We jot down a short list of the most unique spa treatments from around the world.

Weber Grill Restaurant: Classic Backyard BBQ in Luxury

The name is widely known among those with expertise in grilling or even those who appreciate barbecue done right. The Weber Grill restaurant in Schaumburg, Illinois, exceeds expectations by combining backyard barbecue with the elegance and class of a luxury restaurant. But don’t let that fool you. The ribs are fall-of-the-bone tender, sure to leave you with a barbecue mustache at least once!

Luxury Launch: Dashanzi will Reorient your Soul

Warm, decadent and supremely stylish, Dashanzi presents a passionate fusion of progressing Chinese and Japanese cuisine, art inspired decor, breathtaking sea view and spacious lounge seating, perfect for accommodating large families and groups of friends

I-Club at InterContinental Chicago – Wholesome Fitness

Debuting its new pool area, I-Club at InterContinental Chicago offers more than just swimming waters. With everything taken care of, from food to personal training, health conscious patrons have a new indulging venue to flex their muscles.

Wine Age – What the Vintage Year May Not Tell You

A common – and often misinformed – assumption elevates old vinos to the heights of true wine excellence. Young wines, however, boast their own aromatic and flavorful merits, which are as distinct and keen as those of old vintages. To preference and taste, age is nothing but a number

Sixteen – Dash for Delectable Desserts

As unique as the idea of a dessert and wine tasting menu is, Chef Aya Fukai and Sommelier Parag Lalit of Sixteen took the experience to another plane altogether with a fabulous culinary performance

Chicago Gourmet: Bottoms Up!

Chicago Gourmet 2015 was as enjoyable as last time. We made sure to drain in some premium alcohol inside us…

Wines to ‘Fall’ For

As the season for pumpkin spice advances, here’s a list of must-have wines, officially perfect for autumn!

Guppy by ai – The Guppy Yuppy

From Delhi to Mumbai, Guppy by ai seems to be spreading its easy charm all over, especially with its wonderful new summer menu

A Middle East Temple of Well-Being

Recognising each guest as an individual and offering holistic, tailored spa experiences with tangible outcomes, a visit to the One&Only Spa in Dubai is a must

Spices – Darling Dumplings

Giving a refreshing twist to India’s new, favourite quick nosh, dimsums at Spices in JW Marriott Hotel Mumbai are a much welcome treat in Mumbai’s culinary scene

5 Facts on Molecular Gastronomy

You have seen it, heard about it, and tasted it. Maybe now is the time to really understand the theories and applications behind Molecular Gastronomy

Basilur – Talk of Tea

From flavours, packaging and aromas comes a brand that offers innovative teas to awaken your senses

Sixteen – Bringing Back Culinary Traditions

Something new, something old and respect. These are the ingredients which Chef Thomas Lents used to create the first menu of 2015 for Sixteen at Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago

Prairie Grass Cafe – The Dependables

A carefully placed cilantro here, a lovingly placed dish there, Prairie Grass Cafe, located near Chicago, pools all its energies for its guests, and they, in turn, keep coming back

Big Bar – Creative Concoctions

The longest freestanding bar in North America with only two pillars supporting it, Big Bar at Hyatt Regency Chicago impresses us not just architecturally, but with its technology and menu too!

Kil@wat – A Brunch to Remember

Kil@wat at InterContinental Milwaukee is not just a place to fill your stomach, but to enjoy each morsel, feast your eyes with the presentation, and glow with satisfied appetite

Spa Ceylon – Sleep, Calm, Be Happy!

Reminding us how to sleep well, laugh, be stress-free, and more, is Spa Ceylon, and its warrior-like team, armed with products which you won’t be able to resist!

ESPA – Southern Recreation

Adding more grandeur to its already larger-than-life persona, The Leela Palace Chennai welcomes ESPA to thrill, and calm, it’s guests

Heavenly Spa – Aromas for Peace

A deserving day of relaxation is a stone’s throw away! And we spent it fabulously at the Heavenly Spa at The Westin Mumbai Garden City

Indigo Deli – Delhi-cious!

After attaining critical acclaim and considerable commercial success in Mumbai, Indigo Deli makes its foray in the capital city of Delhi, India

The Truffle & Wine Co – A Rich Treat

There is quite an interesting and intricate science behind truffles as we learned during The Truffle & Wine Co’s visit to America! A look into this unassumingly luxury ingredient…

Be Summer Ready!

We can feel the sun staring down hard at us. But don’t despair as we tell you some easy, interesting ways to beat its tactics…

Sofitel Mumbai BKC – Mewar to Mumbai

Food festivals introduce you to new flavours and new cuisines to love and well, digest. How did the Mewar Food Festival at Sofitel Mumbai BKC bring treasures of Rajasthan to LuxuryFacts? Read on to find out

Tilt All Day – Tilting to a New Side

Tilt All Day, a new restaurant and bar, fills our quota for uniqueness. Unusual in its approach with entertainment in every element makes for at least a weekend visit when in Mumbai

Ishana Nature Spa – Healing Bit by Bit

Taking Ayurveda as its base and fusing it with other spa cultures, Ishana Nature Spa in New Delhi brings you the best of all worlds, and rejuvenates us as we review it!

Afternoon Teas – Sipping on Luxury

Winters mean a hot cuppa tea. And if that can be coupled with some unique experiences, who’ll mind? We list some of our favourite afternoon teas!

The Green Table – A Microscopic Delight

Presenting Molecular Gastronomy in India, where this concept is fairly new, The Green Table at Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa has created an ace which its patrons will always remember

Neung Roi – A Thai Tribute

Presenting an incredible range of options and a fabulous experience, Neung Roi in New Delhi scores high on our fine dining chart. A mental note – we definitely want to go back to try the rest of the vast menu!

Rara Avis – Delicieux!

Blending comfort food with fine dining very well, the French restaurant Rara Avis charmed us on all counts!

Pondicherry Cafe – Appreciate the Good Life!

Highlighting the luxury of choice, Sofitel BKC Mumbai assures that you don’t leave with even an inch of space in your stomach, as it spreads a magnanimous Sunday brunch which will engage all your senses

China Doll – Discovering Authentic China

New Delhi’s Chinese cuisine loving crowd has a new place to throng – China Doll – which focuses on the authenticity of the Hunan region. Read our review to know more

For a Belly-Happy New Year

Still haven’t planned those two most important days? We help you with how to celebrate the end and the beginning this year…

Spa la Vie by L’Occitane – Spa Paradise

If you have experienced L’Occitane products ever, you’d instinctively know that the L’Occitane Spa will be divine as well. So we recommend that you pick up the phone and make the booking!

Westin Sohna Resort & Spa – Welcome the oil

Everyone in the city longs for fresh nature coupled with relaxation. Westin Sohna Resort & Spa gives the perfect formula with its newly constructed spa villas and partnership with Kairali to provide an authentic Ayurveda experience. Here’s our review

Citibank Restaurant Week India – A Week of Gluttony

Food is one elixir which binds different cultures together. Americans like Indian food while Indians gorge on Chinese. Italian is the perennial favourite world over while Lebanese is the new darling. Citibank Restaurant Week India cashes on this very desire. We talk to Mr Azeem Zainulbhai, one of the founders, to find out more

So Spa – So Soulful

Looking for a lavish quick fix to your cramped muscles? So Spa at Sofitel Mumbai BKC may just have the answer

Sula Vineyards – A Grape Escape

Sula Vineyards, in Nashik, is one of India’s few vineyard getaways. We spend a weekend in this wine country, and find that not only are the fruity flavours intoxicating, but so is the natural setting

Koh – We Found Thai Love

Reinvent your love for Thai cuisine, like we did, while sampling Chef Ian Kittichai’s new menu for Koh at Intercontinental Marine Drive Mumbai

F Lounge Diner Bar – Luscious Fashion

The trend of brands extending their portfolio is common place today, but fusing fashion and food is unique. Case in point? The F Lounge.Diner.Bar. Following footsteps anyone?

Le Cirque – Circus Chic

Meaning ‘the circus’ in English, Le Cirque is anything, but that. Serving French-Italian cuisine, organised, elegant and classy, there’s hardly any blunder or chaos. Legendary as its status is, we review their new Saturday brunch concept, which wins absolute adoration from us

Ellipsis – Contemporarising American Chow

A successful case of experimentation leading to divine pleasure, Ellipsis delights food critics and enthusiasts alike. Read our review of this perfection personified Mumbai restaurant

The Imperial New Delhi – Indulge in Ayurveda

We know food according to Ayurveda may not sound very tempting to gourmets reading this. Trying to discredit this misconception is The Imperial New Delhi, where Chef Vishal Atreya shows a healthy and delicious way forward

Prego – Jolly Good Fellows!

Make travelling to Gurgaon worth it with an entertaining and stiff-free dining experience at Prego at The Westin Gurgaon. We assure you, you won’t complain!

Indian Grill Room – Grilling Delights

Who can resist Indian food when it comes to having a wholesome, delicious meal? Indian Grill Room rides on that sentiments and gives ample temptation to try them out

Wines Beyond the World

Wines from France and Italy may be pleasing, and definitely classy, but the wine world now has inhabitants from other locations

Yauatcha – Keep them coming

A ‘tea house’ reminds of a quaint hut where patrons sit cross-legged on the floor to sip on the earthly brew. Yauatcha completely reverses that image as it presents a modern, palatial look, but serves the same tea and dim sums which have always garnered wonderment and applause

The Wine Land

Australian wines not only surprise you with their finesse, but also make the entire experience a delight owing to the country’s love for cuisine.

For the Love of a Mango!

Spice Route at The Imperial New Delhi gives a rebirth to the highly desired mango as it presents a luxurious, refreshing summer collection of innovative recipes.

Kangan – The Beckon of Bangles

Indian cuisine is known as a delicacy the world over for its myriad flavours and ingredients. Only a few restaurants in India, however, are able to capture that ethnic taste. But Kangan at Westin Mumbai Garden City has managed to bring back the enchantment!

Megu – A Japanese Rendezvous

Japan is quickly making its way into the Indian luxe consumer’s mind – be it through fashion brands like Kenzo or cosmetic giants like Shiseido. Megu, Delhi’s latest swish place for Japanese cuisine, is a gem which takes the music to a crescendo

Neel – Nawab in the City

Mumbai’s tryst with luxury never tasted so good. Neel at Tote on the Turf redefines fine dining and paves way for Nawabi Muslim cuisine in a country which has long forgotten the art so cherished, yet so evasive

Spoons – Food Art

Making quite a creative impression, we think that the new Spoons restaurant in New Delhi will soon turn into a frequented bistro, due to its wonderful repertoire of cuisines and food

The Wellness Touch

Customers are not satisfied with only the glittering and glamourous world that luxury brands often lure them with. It goes deeper than that. Wellness comes in here…

Chez Vous – The Green Fairy’s Magic

Sprinkling magical fairy dust on your head is passe. It’s now the age to sip and drink this mysterious concoction and brace it up with a spectacular meal

Tote Bar – Set the Bar High

Situated on the first floor of the restaurant Neel, the new Tote Bar promises a fresh experience and a night you will never forget

Amadeus – An Awry Experience

As the hands of the clock move, a subtle ambience turns rowdy, waiters turn ignorant and food turns bad! Lesson learnt from the once perfect restaurant, Amadeus, in Mumbai

Remy iceBoxx – The Iced Cognac

In an age when deep pockets are looking for larger-than-life experiences to indulge in, Remy Martin dared to bring a short and extremely stimulating experience in the form of a small shot. it will keep you gasping for more certainly…

Dans le Noir – Lead the Way

Dans le Noir? is the only place where you can literally dine in the dark. Yes, you read it correct. Needless to say, not an option for a first date!

Glenfiddich – For Those Who Dare

Sometimes it takes just one quick decision made at the perfect moment to change your life. but very few have the courage, and shall we dd intelligence, to take a risk. Mr Brian Kinsman of Glenfiddich had that audacity, and so did the six pioneers who were honoured by the brand…

Bubbles Which Are Gold

For some, wines are considered a drink from heaven, for others, an elixir. Therefore, it’s only correct to choose yours carefully from the wide variety available! That’s what Verger de la Madeleine promises…

An Irresolute Menu

Even though India likes to think that it is developing by leaps and bounds and matching its step with the various international counterparts, the chefs are a little hesitant about gastronomical experimentation in India

Giorgio Armani – A Whiff of Glamour

How many of us actually go deep into the aspects of a fragrance? It just needs to smell good, right? But there are more layers beneath, as we analyse with the newly launched Armani Code Sport for men, and attempt to understand the Indian luxury fragrance market more

MoMo Cafe – For the Black Suited

Not that everyone is a fan of lunch meetings, it is a very important way of bonding and getting good business. Want to make the whole ordeal a little more bearable? Try MoMo Cafe at Courtyard by Marriott

Monsoon Appetite

While your window panes decide to drench themselves in the thunderous showers of monsoon, dig in and drench your palate with some monsoon delicacies…

Veuve Clicquot – Made of Passion

You imagine a stately brand with an old-fashioned image when you think of Veuve Clicquot. But it’s quite the opposite it seems! Read more about how the brand is evolutionising slowly, but surely…

Dom Perignon – Oh-Two Good

Want to give your taste buds a sinful experience to remember? Fondly called the 02, this Dom Perignon vintage is here to tantalise you

Le Pain Quotidien – Home is where Le Pain is!

The aroma of freshly baked bread wafting in the air welcomes you at Le Pain Quotidien, Mumbai’s latest bakery-restaurant. But this is just the prelude! Here’s a detailed account on the exploration of the newly found ‘home’…

Tim Etherington Judge – Stir, Mix, Shake & Pour

Whether shaken or stirred, with or without the olives or lemon twists, you love your cocktails. With mixology on the rise in India, do you still need an excuse to gather your friends and spend a great, fun night at the bar? Maybe not

Summer Palace – Chinese in China

Which is the best place to have authentic Chinese? China of course! Take a step into the luxurious restaurant Summer Palace, located in China World Hotel, and immerse yourself in the tastefully done interiors and their famed seafood delicacies

Christophe Bourrie of Louis XIII – Talking to the King’s Man

The smooth body and flavourful taste of Louis XIII has been enjoyed by many a great and famous personality in the past century. It’s a treat to have even one glass of it, and you have to deserve it! We discover what makes it the way it is, its India journey and future plans, through Mr Christophe Bourrie, the easy-going and cheerful International Brand Ambassador of Louis XIII

Dhaba at Claridges Surajkund – Luxuriously Local

Luxurifying the core of India, Dhaba at The Claridges Surajkund, is the treat you have been missing. Anyone worth their stomach has to try that rare cuisine, again, which is the prerogative of Indian highways

Imperial Spa at Imperial Hotel – Luxury of Senses

The Imperial Hotel has seen New Delhi become what it is today. It is such an omnipresent part of the city that regulars can’t imagine going to some other hotel. The newly crafted Imperial Spa gives another reason to travellers to book themselves at this royal hotel…

Living with Champagne

Creating a fine champagne is an art, as is drinking it. So liven up your life with a well-deserved flute…

Il Malatesta – Route to Luxury

Working around the long-forgotten definition of luxury, the restaurant Il Malatesta is simple, and the owners infuse it with so much passion and love, that you’ll scramble to discover the magic that surrounds this ‘homely’ place

Glenfiddich – The Golden Liquid

Ian Millar, Global Brand Ambassador, Glenfiddich makes for a witty educationist. So we sat down with him to understand the various nuances behind single malts and decode them for you

India Jones – India Rediscovered

Don’t let the name mislead you. India Jones sounds like an Indo-Western fusion restaurant, but is actually not. Despite being regular visitors to the Trident (and its various avatars), it is one place which slipped our consciousness and attention, till we called upon Mr Jones for the sake of this review. We are glad we did!

Celine Martin – The Art of Fragrances

Perfumes are meant to be inspired by ‘real’ surroundings. Sadly, very few understand that. Celine Martin is one of those who do…who integrates her French personality and Indian roots to create emotive fragrances…

The Luxury of Smelling Yourself

Perfumes are an intimate expression of you. it’s like a second skin. Then why do people still run behind the ‘brand’? There are ways to get your own unique smell…

Devi Spa by L’Occitane at Devi Garh, Udaipur – A Relaxing Blend

The connection between India and France has always given spectacular results. Ask Louis Vuitton and Cartier. So the collaboration between French skincare brand L’Occitane and exotic Indian hotels is also bound to be impressive. Darpan Sanghvi, master franchisee of L’Occitane Spas in India, waxes eloquent on it

Veda – Cuisine Wisdom

Indian restaurant Veda has been there for quite a long time in New Delhi now. The city had almost taken it for granted maybe. But the more recent one at DLF Promenade has snapped our attention back to this fabulous restaurant…

Chef Christian Faure – For the Love of a Pastry

Chef Christian Faure from Le Cordon Bleu came to train some Indian chefs in the art of pastry making, and we couldn’t resist the offer to see him at work and sample some of his work. Not to worry, we have some recipes for you too!

Luxe up your partay!

It’s the party season! And you want to whip up one at your home. Champagne boy, Gaurav Bhatia, tells you exactly how to luxe up your party!

Jean-Claude Biguine – Beaute & the Best

Bringing a legacy rich in wellness in India, French brand Jean-Claude Biguine offers a variety of services to the ever so stylish Mumbaiite. We bring you a first-hand experience report of the newly-opened Colaba outlet of Jean-Cluade Biguine Salon & Spa

Champagne – Show me the bubbles!

A necklace of bubbles adds to my uniqueness while my sparkle dazzles you. Your happy moments are where I take my first breath. I can either be pale gold or an elegant rosy hue. Your choice. Who am I?

Cuisines – But that’s not how it’s done!

There is no doubt that India is becoming a melting pot of international cuisines with well-travelled Indians increasingly demanding them. Chefs, however, who are trying to bring innovative dishes and new cuisines, don’t realise that they are playing with fire, till they get the wagging finger from an Indian customer. Oops!

Jiva Spas – An Indian treat

Jiva Spas, a brand of Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces, is true to its Indian roots. Their treatments are truly effective in easing out those bundled up nerves, but in an Indian way!

Hendrick’s Gin – A Curious Tale

Hendrick’s Gin may not be the most well known brand in the world, but it certainly is well-loved by a handful of people, who like the quirky spirit and fruity wafts of the gin…

Three Graces – In Good Graces

Three Graces Spa from the House of Amatrra will make you look and feel good. Their advanced treatments, mixed with traditional therapies, help you maintain a good balance of body, beauty and lifestyle

Taking Vows with Champagne

Weddings in India are becoming more and more lavish by the year. Champagne is slowly making it’s way in the wedding scene now to add an element of sophistication!

Belvedre – A Class of Vodka

Belvedere Vodka, created with the strictest quality control, is handcrafted in small batches to ensure superior value and exclusivity. No wonder it attracts fierce loyalty…

Singh Sahib – Spirit of Undivided Punjab

Ironically, while a flood-ravaged Pakistan is refusing aid from India and India is trying alternative avenues to help out its neighbour, hotel Intercontinental Eros celebrates the flavours of pre-independence era through its restaurant Singh Sahib

Cognac Chic

Cognac has evolved from being just an after-dinner drink and has shifted to the cooler, more contemporary space. Cognac has come a long way!

Azok – Unique on the Palate

Michelin starred chef Vineet Bhatia has one more base covered for his legion of fans in Mumbai, by opening the elegant fine dining restaurant Azok, in the northern suburb of Juhu

Petrus Wines – Rooted in Excellence

The story, of how Chateau Petrus went from one hand to the other in the past two centuries, is very intriguing. Take a sip of their spectacular vintage wines and you’ll know what we are talking about

Zen Serena Spa – For that Zen Feeling

The first thing that you notice, when you enter Zen Serena Spa at Metropolitan Hotel in Delhi, is immense space. It has wide open spaces with simple light coloured walls, those soothing scents and soft music

Wine Wisdom

A good wine is adored for its looks, its bouquet, and its flavour. It is a delight for the senses. But do you know how to find out if a wine is worth its grape or not?

Cingari – Smoke Status

Did you know that cigars have a palate where you can savour different aromas and flavours, much like wine, malts and food. Cingari owner and cigar czar Chetan Seth demystifies some cigar etiquettes and offers a collection of finest cigars

Va Bene – Mexican Extravaganza

It is an art to keep your diners engrossed in the food and ambience. Italian restaurant Va Bene at Hotel Clarion Collection, which recently hosted a Mexican food festival, knows it perfectly well

Hennessy – Tasting Purity

Cognacs from Hennessy get mythical and mysterious connotations with its two variants, Hennessy Paradis Horus and Hennessy XO Extra Old Cognac

Fornasetti – Mischievous Art

Disguised as regular furniture pieces, Fornasetti’s artworks are a keeper for their originality, craftsmanship and simple beauty

Kaya Kalp – Red Fantasy

Breaking barriers, Kaya Kalp – The Royal Spa at ITC Mughal Agra, is as famous for its red decor as it is for its royal treatments